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My Nicer Twin…

Until now, you’ve only  known me as Angela Cameron.

To be honest, Angela Cameron is my evil twin.  : ) Today, I’d like to welcome the friends who know me as that other Angela. Those who’ve known me forever and those who are just getting to know that I write, and what I’ve been writingfor years.

Why the sudden reveal? Well, I’d originally wanted to keep it seperate from my life to protect my daughter from the more judgemental people around. Now, she’s old enough that it isn’t necessary (the oldest one is, at least), and I’m tired of keeping it a secret. It’s a pain to have split personalities.

I will continue to write under this name. It’s the home for my spicier material. When a publisher wants seduction and sex, this will be the name of the author who writes it. For the child safe material, I’ll be using my real name. In fact, I have one of those pieces coming out early next year, and I don’t want a bunch of teens coming to the author’s website to stumble on 18+ material.

Wondering who the other Angela is? I’ll tell you soon.
Keep checking back for more details and a total revamp of the site!