Vampire Book Club Reviews

The Vampire Book Club says Michael feels “more like an echo of old Anita Blake novels — but with way better

Vampire Book Club


interactions between our lead characters in romantic settings.”

One of my favorite parts of the review is the line: “The woman can write one well-crafted and steamy love scene.” As I told a friend, it’s another confirmation that I’m making excellent use of a dirty mind!

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Four Stars from Romantic Times

In a new review from Romantic Times, the premiere magazine for romance readers, Michael earned a four star review!

The reviewer notes: “A gutsy heroine gives her alpha hero all he can handle in this well-crafted vampire tale with a twist. The scorching love scenes are offset by exciting and action-packed battles to the death.”

Needless to say, I am tickled pink!

Early Christmas from Bitten by Books!

I am so absolutely flattered to get two great reviews from Bitten by Books! It’s made my day!

First, for Michael, the reviewer says:
A fantastic new e-book series kicks off with its first entry. Angela Cameron is a relatively new author, and I expect great things from her – this novel was wonderful!…

I was so happy to read that, but it was the review for Jonas that made me laugh out loud. The reviewer says of Jonas’s alter, Luciano:
…Tempering his more prosaic half is Luciano, a harder-edged personality much less likely to be gentle and caring…and who ends up being quite a bit hotter.

Jonas haunted me during the time I wrote Blood & Sex, Vol. 1 and continued through the third story. If he’d had his choice, I think he’d have taken all three books to himself. And I had to worry about my own sanity at times when I thought Luciano was hot, too. I mean, who starts crushing on a fictional vampire’s alternate personality of their own creation? 🙂

The reviews wrap up with:
This series comes with a very positive recommendation. Cameron is a talented author with a lot to offer readers, and her gritty vampire world is seductive, tempting.”

A big thank you to Jennifer, the reviewer, for taking the time to review my stories. I’m honored to be among the reviewed authors at Bitten by Books and look forward to reading more of Jennifer’s reviews.

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Bitten By Books Reviews

“Debut Titles That Rock!”

I’m so completely honored and flattered to be included on the list at Romance Junkies, compiled by their book club, of the “Debut Titles That Rock!”

Blood & Sex, Vol. 1 is among such great titles as Twilight by Stephenie Meyer, Mark of the Demon by Diana Rowland, My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult, and Eve of Darkness by S. J. Day.

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Review of Blood & Sex 1 by Lisabet Sarai

A wonderful and flattering new review is up at

Here’s a clip of what the reviewer has to say about my book Blood & Sex, Vol. 1: Michael.

“I have scant patience with vampire romance. Forgive me the pun if I say that the genre has been done to death. It’s rare to find a treatment of vampires with any original aspects. Equally unusual are vampires who are convincingly dark or who demonstrate the complexity one would expect of creatures who have lived for centuries. These days, vampires are the new rock stars. (In fact, a distressingly large number of books actually feature bands composed of the undead.) Romance vampires are trendy, sharp, sexy and as shallow as a kid’s swimming pool.

Angela Cameron’s vampires are an exception. In Michael, Ms. Cameron offers a vampire society with echos of the Mafia: a society based on authority, loyalty, kinship and honor, threaded with the tensions of power struggles and possible betrayal. The vampires have reached an accord promising mutual co-existence with mortals. They own the night, cavorting in their fetish clubs and feeding from willing humans seduced by their glamor, but they supposedly no longer hunt mortal prey…”

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Dark Divas Review of Michael

I’ve been away, sick with a horrendous bout of poison ivy courtesy of my arrogance and a weed eater. I came back today to find a wonderful new review from Melissa at Dark Divas, honoring Blood & Sex, Vol. 1: Michael with four Divas!

Angela Cameron has penned an interesting vampire story, giving quite a few new twists and turns to vampires…Overall, this story did keep me very interested and I enjoyed reading it. As I mentioned, the sensory descriptions in this book are phenomenal.”

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Review for Power Plays

At Jennifer’s Random Romance Reviews, Power Plays Anthology was reviewed. Of my short story, Jennifer writes:

“While in “Changing Moon” by Angela Cameron (perhaps my favorite entry in the anthology and one I’d love to see as a full-length), pack politics plague urban werewolves when a pack member returns and takes on the alpha.”