Upcoming Release Extravaganza: Dorian

There isn’t a lot I can tell right now, but I wanted to give you all a headsup. In early November, there will be a Release Release Extravaganza for Blood & Sex, Vol. 4: DorianExtravaganza (not just a party) organized with Bitten By Booksto celebrate Dorian going into print on Amazon.

There will be bigger gifts than I’ve ever given (and one I would love to keep). I will also be doing interviews. If we’re lucky, one of the characters may even stop by. 😉

Announcing: The Real Me :-)

The first quarter of 2011 has been a real rat-race. I’ve been wrapping up the first draft of a new story, the plot of Blood & Sex, Vol. 4, making plans for a new non-fiction with a top paranormal investigator, and a few short stories for ezines.

It’s been a busy time personally, too. January, I turned a year older. February, I spent fighting one illness after another in my family. Then March brought plans for my oldest child’s Sweet Sixteen, had food poisoning, and had my right hand slammed in the hall bathroom door. Now, it’s sort of yellowish, has a knot over the pinky bone behind the knuckle, hurts like heck when I bump it, and still has scabs from the cuts, but it’s much better!

So, while I’d planned to make this announcement before, I’m pleased to do it now. You all know me as Angela Cameron, my pseudonym (pen name) for grown-up stories, but my real name is on my new site that will serve as the home for my non-fiction and mainstream work at http://angelawgrace.blogspot.com/

Scoot on over to my new home-away-from-home, say “Hi”, and see the first preview of my new book “Dark Angels Revealed”, which will hit shelves May 11th. I’m curious to see your comments on this vampire non-fiction’s eye-candy. If you like Twilight, Vampire Diaries, True Blood, or any of the top vampires and dark heroes, you’ll enjoy this new book.

See you there!

My Nicer Twin…

Until now, you’ve only  known me as Angela Cameron.

To be honest, Angela Cameron is my evil twin.  : ) Today, I’d like to welcome the friends who know me as that other Angela. Those who’ve known me forever and those who are just getting to know that I write, and what I’ve been writingfor years.

Why the sudden reveal? Well, I’d originally wanted to keep it seperate from my life to protect my daughter from the more judgemental people around. Now, she’s old enough that it isn’t necessary (the oldest one is, at least), and I’m tired of keeping it a secret. It’s a pain to have split personalities.

I will continue to write under this name. It’s the home for my spicier material. When a publisher wants seduction and sex, this will be the name of the author who writes it. For the child safe material, I’ll be using my real name. In fact, I have one of those pieces coming out early next year, and I don’t want a bunch of teens coming to the author’s website to stumble on 18+ material.

Wondering who the other Angela is? I’ll tell you soon.
Keep checking back for more details and a total revamp of the site!

At Night Owl Romance Discussing Werewolves

At Night Owl Romance today discussing Werewolves in Romance! Come over and talk with us about why you like shifters.  http://bit.ly/19jgYs We’re all authors and readers, just talking about why we love the wolves andwhy they’re so popular in modern literature, specifically romance.

Criminal Minds at Work

Come on over and see my interview with Cheryl Kaye Tardif , the bestselling author of 4 suspense novels: Whale Song (2003), Divine Intervention, The River, Whale Song (2007). Our chat is up at Criminal Minds at Work, where we discuss crime writing and mysteries.

Criminal Minds at Work: An interview with Angela Cameron, author of Nocturne.