I’m Hunter S. Thompson? Ha!

Okay, so I took one of those fun little quizzes the other day to find out which crazy writer I am. The results of the quiz from http://roflquiz.com/r/134337/ are in (and they’re hilarious!)…

Hunter S. Thompson

Well hot damn. You are a hard-drinking, hard-living adrenaline junkie with a taste for fast vehicles, altered perception, and dangerous firearms. You also have a remarkably strong sense of justice, and a very distinct moral compass. Good god, man, people keep expecting you to meet a grisly, messy end, but we all know damn well that you’re not going out unless it’s on your own terms… you simply won’t take any guff from these swine! Mahalo.

“Debut Titles That Rock!”

I’m so completely honored and flattered to be included on the list at Romance Junkies, compiled by their book club, of the “Debut Titles That Rock!”

Blood & Sex, Vol. 1 is among such great titles as Twilight by Stephenie Meyer, Mark of the Demon by Diana Rowland, My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult, and Eve of Darkness by S. J. Day.

Wanna see the whole list? Check it out at http://www.romancejunkies.com/rjblog/?p=540

Blood & Sex, Vol. 3: Blane – OUT TODAY!

In the third book of Angela Cameron’s steamy trilogy about a vampire mafia, we discover Blane’s hidden passions and struggle to succeed within the vampiro hierarchy. We get glimpses into Michael and Tori’s established relationship, and learn more about the opportunities and threats that the vampiro faces as they journey to Venice.

Will the Alleanza survive the modern pressures of the vampiro cosca?

Will Blane be able to break through the guarded reserve of Christiana, the beautiful woman the vampiro leader has sent to educate the newest vampires?

Or will her sense of duty be stronger than the passion that threatens to sweep her away?

Don’t miss this exciting continuation of the series Romance Junkies named a “debut that rocks”!


New Novella Out! BLOOD DAEMON

Blood Daemon
by Angela Cameron

ISBN:   978-1-60088-442-9

Local vampire leader, Raven Montgomery, is on the verge of an impossible accomplishment among female vampires, gaining her full power without the aid of a mate. Under pressure from her creator and the threat of death, she is forced to entertain the attentions of Astor, the French suitor chosen for her.

As blood daemon, Jareth is the hired help. As her bodyguard, he must follow her through this journey of lovers and hide his true feelings for the woman he’s always protected.

 Can Raven accept her fate as someone’s trophy wife?

Or will Jareth’s jealousy be too much for them both?

Read an Excerpt

Content: Erotic Romance
This title contains explicit language and graphic sex.

Review of Blood & Sex 1 by Lisabet Sarai

A wonderful and flattering new review is up at http://www.lisabetsarai.com/michaelreview.html

Here’s a clip of what the reviewer has to say about my book Blood & Sex, Vol. 1: Michael.

“I have scant patience with vampire romance. Forgive me the pun if I say that the genre has been done to death. It’s rare to find a treatment of vampires with any original aspects. Equally unusual are vampires who are convincingly dark or who demonstrate the complexity one would expect of creatures who have lived for centuries. These days, vampires are the new rock stars. (In fact, a distressingly large number of books actually feature bands composed of the undead.) Romance vampires are trendy, sharp, sexy and as shallow as a kid’s swimming pool.

Angela Cameron’s vampires are an exception. In Michael, Ms. Cameron offers a vampire society with echos of the Mafia: a society based on authority, loyalty, kinship and honor, threaded with the tensions of power struggles and possible betrayal. The vampires have reached an accord promising mutual co-existence with mortals. They own the night, cavorting in their fetish clubs and feeding from willing humans seduced by their glamor, but they supposedly no longer hunt mortal prey…”

Please click on over to the site and finish reading the review. http://www.lisabetsarai.com/michaelreview.html