Early Christmas from Bitten by Books!

I am so absolutely flattered to get two great reviews from Bitten by Books! It’s made my day!

First, for Michael, the reviewer says:
A fantastic new e-book series kicks off with its first entry. Angela Cameron is a relatively new author, and I expect great things from her – this novel was wonderful!…

I was so happy to read that, but it was the review for Jonas that made me laugh out loud. The reviewer says of Jonas’s alter, Luciano:
…Tempering his more prosaic half is Luciano, a harder-edged personality much less likely to be gentle and caring…and who ends up being quite a bit hotter.

Jonas haunted me during the time I wrote Blood & Sex, Vol. 1 and continued through the third story. If he’d had his choice, I think he’d have taken all three books to himself. And I had to worry about my own sanity at times when I thought Luciano was hot, too. I mean, who starts crushing on a fictional vampire’s alternate personality of their own creation? 🙂

The reviews wrap up with:
This series comes with a very positive recommendation. Cameron is a talented author with a lot to offer readers, and her gritty vampire world is seductive, tempting.”

A big thank you to Jennifer, the reviewer, for taking the time to review my stories. I’m honored to be among the reviewed authors at Bitten by Books and look forward to reading more of Jennifer’s reviews.

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