Serial and Milk

Tonight, I am again watching Criminal Minds to get my mind off my craving fruit loops.  During the last several years, I’ve made a personal mission of studying serial killers. They, and their abnormal psychological makeup, fascinate me. Whether its a church deacon who binds and tortures or a run of the dungeon sadist…I am transfixed by the study of how they came to do what they do, their quirks (signatures), and how they evolve in their methods. In the future, I fully expect to write a series along the lines of Criminal Minds. For now, I’ll settle for hanging with Morgan and Reed.

Thank You!


In honor of our Veterans and those currently serving, I wanted to just post a quick mention. If you have loved ones serving, please take the time to ask how they’re doing, send a care package, or drop in to check on the family they’ve left stateside. So little can mean so much.

Long Time, No Post.


Have a good Halloween?

I’m hoping today is the start of a new life to my blogging. During the last two years, Ive faced some daunting challenges, interesting hurdles, and shocking occurances. Among them have been the birth of my second child, a historic tornado outbreak here, and the deaths of eight close friends and family members. This week another life hangs in the balance as someone very close to me tried to take her own life. She is still in ICU, but we are hopeful.

Tonight, I am setting up this new Android phone and working on notes for the new Blood & Sex book. Its plot has changed over time, but this hero really has me in his greedy little grasp. In short, I love him. 🙂  He is possibly the most vivid since Jonas for me.

So, Im off to spend a little screen time with him. Goodnight!