Twilight’s Edward Sings!

I haven’t read the Twilight books, but my daughter roped me into taking her to see the movie today. I admit, I really loved the movie. I found myself falling for Edward as quickly as she did. It was a real mother-daughter bonding moment.

When I came home, I started kicking around YouTube for music and found that Robert Pattinson (Edward) sings! The song “Never Think”, which is in the movie, is Rob’s first published recording according to what I read. Although the character does not sing and it’s not obvious when one watches the movie, the song is still memorable.

Online, there seems to be two opinions of the song: pure hate or absolute love. I subscribe to the latter. It’s a very soulful tune that even suits the character. I am now in love with the soundtrack as much as I am the movie, which was a really great young adult paranormal romance.