About Angela

Stories are daydreams that we share with our readers.



After spending years as a commercial artist and business owner, Angela earned a B.A. in English Language and Literature from Southern New Hampshire University. While attending college, she began writing for publication, first short stories and quickly


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working her way up to novels while simultaneously earning her MS in Psychology. Today, she is the author of several published works that range from paranormal romance to horror. The spicier stories are written as Angela Cameron, and the others are written as Angela Grace.


More about her life:

As a child, Angela spent many, many hours huddled in the bottom of her closet, reading by flashlight. Later, she began writing to entertain friends in middle school with custom tales involving their favorite celebrities and fantasy characters. By her freshman year in high school, she earned her first paid publication.

Shortly after, she dropped writing in pursuit of a more “responsible” business career and raising her older daughter. Luckily, fate threw her together with several best selling writers via her work. The temptation was just too great. Newly inspired, Angela went back to college to major in English Language and Literature (with a Creative Writing Minor). She began to write again.

As an adult, her obsession with the paranormal and passion, became the topics for her work. She is an accomplished artist and the author of several published works that bridge the genres of erotic romance and the paranormal with a focus on seductive, dangerous fiction. She also has published works in horror and non-fiction.

A native of the Deep South, Angela currently lives in the beautiful area of Smith Lake near Birmingham, AL with the love of her life and four little human monsters otherwise known as Mackenzie, Grant, Maximus, and Zandor. She still reads with a small book-light (although now it’s in bed) and shares her new stories with a few of those same friends from middle school. 

Angela Cameron is a member of Romance Writers United