Guest Blogger – Joely Sue Burkhart

Please welcome Joely Sue Burkhart, Drollerie Press author and poet extraordinaire!

When I got serious about writing a little over five years ago, I started following authors through their blogs.  As a reader, I found some wonderfully new–to me–authors this way:  Lynn Viehl, Holly Lisle, and Jane Yolen in Fire Withinparticular.  Now we own just about every “How Do Dinosaurs…” book, and I adore Viehl’s StarDoc and Darkyn series, which I never would have found with her Paperback Writer blog.

One entry in Ms. Yolen’s journal said she was “off to dream in rhyme.”  That phrase stuck with me.  I’ve always love poetry, ever since Mrs. Lightle’s English class in high school introduced me to Lord Byron and Percy Bysshe Shelley.  I don’t think I’m a poet–far from it.  But I love to mimic the great ones.  I love the challenge of matching meter perfectly, changing just a few key words and totally twisting the meaning of the poem to something new.  Over the

years, I’ve written many parodies, from everything to “Twas the Night Before Story” to “Story Genesis,” a different kind of creation story. 


And so in honor of “Dreaming in Rhyme,” my blog, I wrote a new parody for this blog tour.  I think you’ll recognize it, as well as learn a few things about me and what kind of stories I like to write.


I write in darkness, like the night,

Of midnight hours and pre-dawn morn,

As long as monsters cease their fights,

Three daughters rowdy I have borne;

Thus transformed to sweet cherubs bright,

Which sleep at last ere Mom’s patience worn.


One word the more, one err the less,

Had filled the page of Story’s face,

Which calls my heart, more love to bless,

Or softly cries, salt tears a trace;

For lost love angst I must confess,

How bitter, how sweet, their first embrace!


And on that page and thru that book,

So faith, so trust, yet greatest doubt;

Brave hero who wins, his heart she took,

But gave of hers, such courage to shout,

No shadowed evil their hearts shook.

So by the end, love wins throughout.


Joely Burkhart

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Zombies Spotted in Texas!

Can you believe it? Me neither, but it’s a great intro.

The real story is that these geniuses broke into the roadside warning signs in Austin and hacked the computers. Monday morning commuters were greeted with warnings like “Zombies ahead! Run for your lives!”  and “Nazi Zombies! Run!!!”

I know how this probably disrupted the flow of traffic, but it’s hilarious!

Thanks, AOL. I needed this story. I couldn’t stop laughing.

Writer’s Separation Anxiety

You know that sick feeling you get when you’ve spent a lot of time with someone you really enjoy, but now you’ve got to leave them indefinitely? It’s almost the same as being homesick. Well, I have it…but over a character.

I’m wrapping up the second novel in the Blood & Sex series, and I’m finding that I have a severe case of separation anxiety. Jonas and his new love have been such entertaining people to spend time with. I’ve enjoyed writing his story and watching them fall in love. As always, that fratello has taken me to some pretty kinky places and shown me things beyond what I could have imagined. He’s so fascinating and such a strong personality that throughout the story, I found that I was dreaming about him. I would wake up and couldn’t wait to write more, just so that I could see him. Talk about a case of writer’s schizophrenia!

Now, I’m finishing the edits and still writing about him here and there. It’s new stuff that has nothing to do with his romance with Elena. It won’t even be in the books, but I can’t stop. He’s insatiable. I thought that he just enjoyed watching me drool. But now I’m starting to wonder if he’s going to make room for the third hero. Michael was fun, but by the time I was done with Michael’s first draft, Jonas was standing around, tapping his foot, and occasionally flashing a set of handcuffs and a lascivious grin in my direction. The third hero is quiet, not quite the flirt that Jonas is.

I think I’m going to have to strap Jonas into some of his bondage equipment and leave him there while I spend a little time with bachelor number three.

Until tomorrow…


“Changing Moon” in Power Plays

My first werewolf story is out today in the sex and politics anthology:
Power Plays
edited by
Jamaica Layne

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POWER PLAYS is a collection of twelve stories that explore the timeless connection between sex and political power. As Henry Kissinger famously said, “power is the ultimate aphrodisiac”, and the twelve authors contributing their hot stories to this anthology know that better than anyone. In POWER PLAYS, the intersection of sex and political power takes many forms—–including a threesome in Congressional chambers, a female President-elect who finds a boy-toy while traveling abroad, and a den of urban werewolves who fight to restore their rightful alpha male leader. These and many other erotic tales of sex and power make up this red-hot collection, which will capture your imagination and leave you thirsty for more.
Contributing Authors:
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