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We’ve got a great contest! Some of the Ravenous authors have teamed up with Night Owl Romance for a web hunt that will last through the entire month of June and offers great prizes. For details, visit here: http://www.nightowlromance.com/nightowlromance/hunt/ravenous1.asp RR NOR Web Hunt


Join us at Night Owl Romance on the following dates to meet Ravenous Romance authors and win free stuff.


Date:  Monday, June 22 (All of their chats are on Mondays)

Time: 8 EST, 7 CST, 5 PST

Location: http://www.nightowlromance.com/nightowlromance/chat/chat.aspx

Authors Included:

EM Lynley, Inara Lavey, Elle Amery, Jamaica Layne, Savannah Chase, Angela Cameron


2nd Chat

 Date:  Monday, August 10

Time: 8 EST, 7 CST, 5 PST

Location: http://www.nightowlromance.com/nightowlromance/chat/chat.aspx

Authors Included: Rachel Kenley, Sèphera Girón, Lisa Lane, Isabel Roman

The Winners!

Winners! So, we finally figured out who stole all the treasure from the treasure trove. The winners for the Ravenous Romance Readers Group contest are: Amhartnett Bellenatemag Chrismil19991 Cute_n_sane Goldtiger Karenxavier Redstar28 Sapphireseraph_xiii Tourmalines Wolfsguide

Just email me at cameronwrites@yahoo.com with your first and second pick for prizes. We will distribute them on a first come basis. So hurry and get your choices in!

§ Intriguing one question, mini Tarot reading via email with Sextrology Series author Sèphera Girón

§ Bottle of wine from Vampire Vineyards (or vampire chocolate if you choose) and a copy of one of the Blood and Sex series vampire books from Angela Cameron

§ Straight from Tally’s Gift by Elle Amery, a bath and body basket from fictional character Tally Bennett’s Naughty Body product line, which includes signature scents like Bed Me In Roses.

§ Exotic Godiva chocolate from Dark Desires of the Druids series author Isabel Roman

 § Copy of one of the smokin’ hot ’80s bodice rippers from Ripping the Bodice author Inara Lavey

§ Luxurious Bath set with a promo pack from Men In Shorts contributing author Savannah Chase

§ A fascinating Free Tarot mini-reading via email from Tarotica author Amber Austin

§ Download of Rachel Kenley’s delicious short story JUST’S DESSERTS along with a box of scrumptious chocolates to match

§ $5 gift certificates (we’re giving away two) for steamy reads courtesy of Ravenous Romance

Inara Lavey on Succubusted

Inara, thank you for taking the time to talk with me. As you already know, I recently read your short story Succubusted, and I’m in awe. It’s really a fun, unique ride. How did you come up with the idea for the story?

Hi, Angela!  I am delighted to talk to you and so thrilled that you not only read Succubusted, but liked it! 

As for the idea, I needed to come up with a short for Ravenous really quickly.  I went for a walk on the beach with Dave (my bf) and we were tossing ideas back and forth.  I’m also working on a paranormal horror/romance where one of the characters is a succubus and it sparked the thought of, what if a succubus and an incubus had sex?  Would they feed on each other and both die…or would it be the best sex they ever had?  You’ve read Succubusted, so you know the Succubustedanswer.  🙂

 Are all of your heroines so strong?

Yeah, pretty much so.  They’re flawed, with human frailties, but I don’t think I could write about a heroine that didn’t have a core of inner strength .  I don’t like weak heroines, probably because I’m pretty strong-willed and determined myself.  

What is your favorite line (or few lines) from the story?

Heh.  You actually pulled my favorite bit when you so very kindly told me how much you liked it.  The bit when Lil, the heroine, is talking about how the succubus was blamed for wet dreams:

The monastic holy rollers just needed a convenient scapegoat for their ‘nocturnal emissions’ ’cause wet dreams were not considered holy.  Kind of funny when you consider how many men yell ‘oh god, oh god, YES!’ when they come. 

I’m dying to ask one question—do you work at being as humorous as you are? Or is it natural?

I just asked my boyfriend what he thought and he says ‘it flows out of you like a river.’  Which makes me feel humorously incontinent.

I guess it’s fairly natural – I come from a family with a very loopy sense of humor and was raised and then nurtured on the likes of Mary Tyler Moore (ever see the Chuckles the Clown episode?), Spinal Tap and Black Adder.  Also, without a sense of humor, I think I would have killed myself many years ago.  Life experiences can be harsh and without humor and empathy to help cope with some of the more negative/tragic experiences…well, I think it’s definitely a coping mechanism that’s prevented many a suicide.

Would you like to share a little about what you’re working on right now?

I’m currently working on a book called CHAMPAGNE for Ravenous Romance, which started with a short story I wrote for myRipping the Bodice boyfriend.  It’s got all of his favorite elements in it and has definitely stretched my writing chops.  It’s set in France, has lots of food and wine, and features two really hot women and two really hot men.  And there is a definite relationship at the core of it.  Some of this is based on personal experience.  But I’ll keep the specifics to myself for the time being. 

Where can we find more information about your work?

you can go to http://www.danafredsti.com, http://www.ravenousromance.com or email me at zhadi@aol.com.  I’m always up for a chat! 

Thanks so much for chatting with me, Inara. I may be knocking on your inbox again when I read the next story.

 Thank you for having me on your blog, Angela!  I hope you’ll be visiting me in the near future too!

New Release today! REKINDLED FIRE, includes my first witch story!

New Release today! Included: “Love Power” – my first witch story!

Edited by Elle Amery

Rekindled Fire traces the stories of ten couples who lose each other, only to find their way back together once again. The love stories here contain two unifying elements: profound love and erotic, passionate heat. Whether the story is contemporary or features magic, vampires or shape shifting; whether it involves spanking, bondage, or simply pure, unadulterated sex; or whether the couples have been torn apart for several months or one hundred years; one question remains the same: Will these former lovers be able to rekindle the flame of love?

Contributing Authors:

Angela CameronRekindled Fire
Amber Hipple
Jen Bluekissed
Vanessa Vaughn
K. Ann Karlsson
Nini Richou
Cora Zane
Janne Lewis
Louisa Bacio
Elle Amery

ISBN:  978-1-60777-214-9
From $4.24

GET YOUR COPY HERE… http://bit.ly/qKzZm  

Love Power by Angela Cameron

“I can’t believe I’ll be at Tulane tomorrow.” Isabell rolled onto her side, readjusting so her ribs didn’t push so hard against the planks beneath her. She eased closer to the bare, muscular chest of Taylor Wyndham, keenly aware of the heat generated by Wynd’s body. Water sloshed with the movement, lapping the wood below the deck.

She shivered, but it wasn’t from the climate. Nothing was wrong with the weather. The sky was bright with a million stars, and even the nightingale was singing in the forest across the water. The day had been a scorcher, and even in shorts and a tank top, lying on the dock, the humid summer night was far too hot for chills. A gentle wind came off Wyndham Lake, blowing over the length of her body and cooling her skin where the beads of sweat were exposed. But the breeze wasn’t what had caused her to shiver. The chill was inside her, twisting her gut.

Wynd pulled her tighter and wrapped his heavy arm around her waist. “It won’t be that bad.”

“It’s too far.”

“We’ll talk every night if you want.”

“It never works, Wynd. You know that.” Isabell buried her face into the soft cotton of his shirt, letting the scent of his skin fill her nose. She squeezed her eyes shut to stop the tears that threatened. “What if you get lonely?”

“I’ll call.”

Calls weren’t what she meant. He had to know that. If there was one thing that Taylor Wyndham wasn’t, it was stupid.

Wynd sighed and kissed the top of her head. “I love you, Issie, and no one will ever make me forget.”

That first stupid tear streaked down the side of her face. He just didn’t get it. That silly romantic in him was the thing that she both loved and hated. It made him naïve. He always saw the happy ending for them and ignored all the other, more probable endings.

“Are you crying?” He pulled her face toward his.

The wind picked up, blowing the sweet scent of honeysuckle between them and tossing auburn strands of her hair into her face. Wynd’s emotions surged, the energy forcing the wind around them the way it always did when he was feeling particularly protective.

Isabell stared up into those blue-gray eyes and felt her heart start to swell again. It was almost magical, the way it always happened. First she’d look into his eyes. Then those colors would move and sparkle. Next thing, she’d feel like her heart was going to explode with love. Wynd was the most beautiful thing in the world, right down to that scar over his right eye from the fight he’d had with Harrison Gray in tenth grade after Harrison had made the mistake of grabbing her ass.

That was the first day she kissed Wynd—the first day she’d kissed anyone. She couldn’t resist: he was just so adorable with that bandage over his eye and his scraped knuckles. He insisted on walking her home down the path that led through the forest between their houses. Then there, next to where the stream fell off the hillside in a little waterfall, he kissed her. It was too perfect.

The kiss, and the burst of emotion it brought, was apparently all he’d needed to spark that magic inside him. She’d known about his family’s ability, and had eagerly waited along with Wynd for the day his would show. Wynd had been a late bloomer, at least by his family’s

standards. Most of the men in his family got their power at thirteen, but Wynd’s hadn’t come until that day. Still, it had been worth the wait. He was more powerful than anyone in three generations, according to his mother. That much had been evident in the way the wind had whipped through the tree, lightning had cracked through the sky, and the warm rain poured down on them.

It was the best kiss of her life, but it was the beginning of Wynd’s public persecution. Once his power started, he hadn’t been able to stop the magic when he was angry, hurt, or even when he just saw her. Many in their town suspected he had powers beyond what they could comprehend. Most were afraid of what he could do.

Wynd stroked her face again and she gave him a chaste kiss, whispering, “I don’t want to leave you.”

“I’m not letting you stay here, darlin’.” Wynd blinked, his long black lashes brushing against his cheekbones. “They saw your talent. Not everyone gets a free ride for four years. And you’ll be the first Carlisle with a degree. It’s too big for you to pass up.” He moved closer, almost touching her lips. “Besides, I’m yours, and a few years aren’t going to change anything.” Wynd grabbed her hand and toyed with the antique diamond engagement ring he’d given her just after graduation. “When you’re done with school, we’ll put that other ring on your finger.”

His breath was so sweet, and his olive skin so warm, like always. Isabell leaned toward him, but Wynd pulled away.

“Come with me,” she whispered.

“You know I can’t. I don’t have much time with Mom. Maybe a year.”

Joan Wyndham was too sick to go anywhere, but it seemed as if the cancer had always been a shadow looming over their relationship. Wynd had even missed taking Isabell to her

senior prom because he was sitting in the ER with his mother. But she couldn’t complain. Wouldn’t. He couldn’t help her illness any more than Joan could. There were three other brothers who could help take care of her. Wynd just wouldn’t let anyone else do it.

Isabell’s shoulders sagged under the weight of her guilt. “I know. I’m sorry. I’m just—”

“Scared. Don’t be.” His lips brushed hers. “I should be worried about you. You’ll be in another state, at a college . . . with Harrison. I’m the one who should be scared.” Wynd pulled back a little. “Harrison’s after you. He’s always been after you. With me out of the way, he’ll come at you full bore. He’s a jealous jerk.”

“He’s a friend,” Isabell responded.

“A jealous jerk of a friend, maybe.”

“He doesn’t stand a chance. You’re much hotter.” She giggled.

“Hmm. Same here.” Wynd’s lips brushed hers again. He was so close that her heart was racing. “You’re the one, Issie. Nobody else.”

No one had to tell her that millions of boyfriends promised such things to their girlfriends each year. She knew how young romances went. Still, she couldn’t stop her eyes from slipping shut when his mouth finally landed on hers.

Wynd kissed her with a gentle precision that made it seem as if he was born to do nothing but this. His lips were too soft, his mouth too skilled. It always made her mind turn to mush. Especially when his hand slipped under her shirt, pushing against the cup of her bra like it was doing now.

Isabell pulled back, gasping for breath. “Are you trying to get me in trouble?”

“Your mom said I could keep you out all night as long as you weren’t a bitch to her on the trip tomorrow.” Wynd leaned down, burying his head in the arch of her neck.

Want to read the rest? GET YOUR COPY OF REKINDLED FIRE HERE… http://bit.ly/qKzZm

Review for Power Plays

At Jennifer’s Random Romance Reviews, Power Plays Anthology was reviewed. Of my short story, Jennifer writes:

“While in “Changing Moon” by Angela Cameron (perhaps my favorite entry in the anthology and one I’d love to see as a full-length), pack politics plague urban werewolves when a pack member returns and takes on the alpha.”


Gerard Manley Hopkins’ Sonnets

The poet Gerard Manley Hopkins chose to use a common, yet somewhat complicated scheme for writing his poems. These sonnets use the sestet to comment on the octave in a unique way. One excellent example of this is found in “The Starlight Night”.(p 1516) In the octave, Hopkins uses words to paint a beautiful setting in the reader’s mind. “Look at the stars!…/ O look at all the fire-folk sitting in the air!” he writes, describing a magically starry night.(ln 1-2) Then, he follows it with a silvery moonlit lawn and “Flake-doves sent floating forth at a farmyard scare!”(ln 7) This eight-line beginning sets the mood and scene with a mysterious, star filled night with emphasis on the stars and their bountiful beauty.

Then, in the sestet, Hopkins changes the view with his commentary. “Buy then! Bid then!—What?—Prayer, patience, alms, vows,” he writes.(ln 9) This indication that prayers to God bid on the stars, earning them through praise to their creator. He goes on to comment on the plethora of stars and how they are a harvest in the sky. However, he ends with “They are indeed the barn; withindoors houses.”(ln 12) This changes the view of the stars to represent the fence, house, and home of Christ, indicating that the stars are not ours, but the visual edges of heaven.

This use of sonnets for Hopkins writing lulls the reader in with a beautiful picture, then surprises them with an idea that might not have been assumed in the first lines. Through this method, the poet makes a political, religious, or other commentary within a beautiful work of poetry.

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