Jen’s Reviews – Blood and Sex, Vol. 1: Michael – Angela Cameron

Another great review up for Michael. It starts:

A fantastic new e-book series kicks off with its first entry. Angela Cameron is a relatively new author, and I expect great things from her — this novel was wonderful! ” 

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Criminal Minds at Work

Come on over and see my interview with Cheryl Kaye Tardif , the bestselling author of 4 suspense novels: Whale Song (2003), Divine Intervention, The River, Whale Song (2007). Our chat is up at Criminal Minds at Work, where we discuss crime writing and mysteries.

Criminal Minds at Work: An interview with Angela Cameron, author of Nocturne.

Review for Jonas, ParaNormal Romance

I was so excited to read the new review of Blood & Sex, Vol. 2: Jonas by Nancy at Paranormal Romance. “…I read through it in one sitting because I couldn’t put it down… Ms. Cameron is on a roll!”

Thanks so much, Nancy!

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Real Money as a Best Selling Author

I stumbled upon a great blog today. This wonderful post explains the financial ins and outs of being a bestselling author. It is, unsurprisingly, not nearly as impressive as we new writers would hope. But this sobering information is so needed, and so appreciated.

Here’s a small glimpse…

“To give you a condensed version of what all those figures mean, for the sale period of July through November 30, 2008. my publisher reports sales of 64,925 books, for which my royalties were $40,484.00. I didn’t get credit for all those sales, as 21,140 book credits were held back as a reserve against possible future returns, for which they subtracted $13,512.69 …

My net earnings on this statement was $27,721.31, which was deducted from my advance. My actual earnings from this statement was $0.

My advance for Twilight Fall was $50,000.00, a third of which I did not get paid until the book physically hit the shelf … my agent received $7,500.00 as her 15% (which she earns, believe me) the goverment received roughly $15,000.00, and $1594.27 went to cover my expenses (office supplies, blog giveaways, shipping, promotion, etc.) After expenses and everyone else was paid, I netted about $26K of my $50K advance for this book, which is believe it or not very good — most authors are lucky if they can make 10% profit on any book. This should also shut up everyone who says all bestselling authors make millions — most of us don’t.”

There so much more information on the blog. Please look at Genreality for more

Succubusted by Inara Lavey

by Inara Lavey

Publish Date: 2008-12-01
ISBN:  978-1-60777-102-9
Price: $1.99

The blurb for this short story on Ravenous’s website is:

“Poor Lil. Though she has hair the color of dark chocolate, cobalt blue eyes and a lush mouth worthy of Angelina Jolie, she unfortunately takes after her grandmother. And when you have succubae blood running in your family tree, dates tend to start with a bang and end with a whimper. But just when she’s beginning to think she’ll spend the rest of her life moving from town to town with a trail of used-up, exhausted men in her wake, the carnival comes to town. There she meets Damien, a tall, dark stranger with intense green eyes, dark wavy hair – and a secret of his own.”

While it’s a great blurb, it doesn’t relay how fun this story is. Lavey’s “Succubusted” is as funny as it is sexy. The author has a sharp wit and casual voice that makes it a wonderful quickie, and I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a sensual paranormal escape on their lunch break.