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The Blood & Sex Series

Dorian, Blood & Sex, Vol. 4 Blood and Sex, Volume 5: Tori sexe-sang-tome-1-michael-angela-cameron-L-7U2lTd

Blood and Sex, Vol 4:

Released: 2012-9-26
From: Ravenous Romance
ISBN: 9781607775270
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Blood & Sex, Vol. 5:

Released: 2016-02-19
From: Ravenous Romance
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 Blood & Sex:French language release



Angela Cameron's Blood and Sex, Vol 1: Michael
Blood & Sex, Vol. 2: Jonas by Angela Cameron
Blood & Sex Vol. 3: Blane by Angela Cameron

Blood & Sex, Vol. 1:

Released: 2009-01-07
From: Ravenous Romance
ISBN:  978-1-60777-111-1
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Blood & Sex, Vol. 2:

Released: 2009-03-03
From: Ravenous Romance
ISBN:  978-1-60777-133-3


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Blood & Sex, Vol. 3:

Released: 2009-07-15
From: Ravenous Romance
ISBN:  978-1-60777-040-4

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Other Paranormal Books by Angela

Night’s Fall

Released: 2010-02-03
From: Ravenous Romance
Vampire Ero. Romance

Blood Daemon, Angela Cameron

Blood Daemon

Released: 2007-07-10
ISBN: 978-1-60088-442-
From: Cobblestone Press
Paranormal Ero. Romance
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Nocturne by Angela Cameron


Released: Halloween 2008
From: Drollerie PressUrban Fantasy/Horror NovellaVampires/Werewolves


download (1) Dark Angels Revealed
by Angela Grace

Released: 2007-07-10
ISBN: 978-1-60088-442-
From: Cobblestone Press
Paranormal Ero. Romance
Nonfiction compendium of Dark Angels that include some of the best vampires of all time. The book features trivia, little known facts, photos picked by Angela herself, and editing by one of the most accomplished vampire editors today.

Anthologies with Angela’s Stories included

Angela Cameron, Power Plays
Rekindled Fire Anthology

Power Plays Anthology

by Jamaica Layne
Released: Inauguration Day 2009
ISBN:  978-1-60777-114-2

Angela Cameron’s first werewolf short story, “Changing Moon”, is included in this delicious collection.

Rekindled Fire:
An Anthology of Reunited Lovers

Edited by Elle Amery
Released: May 2009
ISBN:  978-1-60777-114-2

Genre: Erotic Romance

Angela’s first witch short story,” Love Power”, is included in this romantic collection.

Short Stories

To date, I have a number of published editorials, feature short stories, and articles with various websites, ezines, and print published magazines and newsletters. Some of these are adult in nature, while others focus on the paranormal.


Wins Honorable Mention in ForTheGirls Annual Competition 2008


Wins Honorable Mention in ForTheGirls Annual Competition 2007


Nocturne Reviews…

Nocturne by talented author Angela Cameron crosses the boundaries of several genres to produce a tale that will keep you reading while looking over your shoulder if you are alone in a house that makes any night noises…Recommended for any fan of the dark side of life, anyone who enjoys a walk on the twilight side of our world. Enjoy. I did.”—Anne K. Edwards,

“Angela Cameron has definite talent as a writer.”—Kelly Jensen, SFCrowsnest

Blood & Sex Reviews…

Vol. 1: Michael

“…a wild ride…I will be looking forward to reading the rest of the series because I know I’m going to have to read them when they come out!”—Nancy Eriksen,

Hot and super sexy…a delicious read!” – Paige Tyler, author of Vampire 101, Book One of Modern Day Vampires

Angela Cameron has penned an interesting vampire story, giving quite a few new twists and turns to vampires…Overall, this story did keep me very interested and I enjoyed reading it…the sensory descriptions in this book are phenomenal.”—Dark Diva Reviews

“…breathtaking suspense and a romance that seizes the reader from beginning to end”—Caffey’s Reads

“…Blood and Sex, Volume 1: Michael races from page to page, bursting with loads of sexual tension, steamy sex, vile villains, Machiavellian schemes and paranormal thrills. The supporting characters such as Jonas and Jude are delightful while bringing to mind vamps from Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake series but all in a complimentary good way since Ms. Cameron adds a fresh twist to her vamps…All and all, this novel carries its own weight without comparisons and will do quite well as a preternatural crime series.”—Joyfully Reviewed

Angela Cameron delievers a start to an exciting, sexy, steamy series about Italian vampires and their love stories that will keep you wanting more even after the story ends.”—Talk About My Favorite Authors

A fantastic new e-book series kicks off with its first entry. Angela Cameron is a relatively new author, and I expect great things from her — this novel was wonderful!…Great, spicy read!”—Jen’s Reviews

“…a fun, sexy take on the vampire genre. Angela Cameron’s writing style is creative and confident, and reads like a smart mesh of Kim Harrison’s Rachel Morgan series and Mario Puzo’s The Godfather, with strong leads, great character dynamics, and fantastic chemistry.”—Lisa Lane, Author of The Darkness and the Night series

Vol. 2: Jonas

There were so many plot twists and hot, steamy sex scenes throughout this novel that I couldn’t stop reading this novel…”—Talk About My Favorite Authors

What a good story! I read it through in one sitting because I couldn’t put it down. Here’s hoping for part three soon – Ms. Cameron is on a roll!”—ParaNormal Romance