I’m baaaa-aack!

Long time, no see!

I’ve had a number of things that have kept me away including finishing a MS in Psychology and a total life overhaul. I won’t bore you with the details because, in short, I simply owe an apology to all those who’ve been so patient and checked on me repeatedly. And I am sincerely sorry for the detour. I never expected that to become so life consuming (along with all the other mess that happened).

But I’m back now just as fast as I could get back. I finished the last graduate school class last Sunday, and what a relief! The good news is, I know more than ever that my heart lies in crafting fiction (and I have some new tricks up my sleeve thanks to the psych classes). I’ve missed it and you guys dearly.

On a small side note, I also finished writing the next installment of Blood & Sex. *grins* Yes, I finally did it this week. I can’t give you the release date yet because there is some editing left to be done, but I can tell you that “Tori” is the title. (Yes, ladies and gents, she has her very own book among the guys.)

Since everything else in my life is changing, I’ve decided to add all my work to this site under all names. I’ll be adding things under both writing names here from now on and making it easier to find all of my material. I also have outlines of a few other stories drafted and ready for writing. Who’s ready for another story?



Today, I went to visit an old friend at the cemetary.

Two years today, it’s been his home, and I just now felt up to saying goodbye. It was a lot harder than I expected.

I couldn’t say the words, but I managed to make the horrible truth a little more real. Sometimes letting go takes a while. This one particular death will always haunt me, I think…and maybe that’s why I’m procssing it in bits.

(All that stuff is his, by the way.)

But what is life without loving others and grieving their absence.

Blood & Sex FOUR – Discussion

I’ve had lots of questions about the next book. Right now, it’s rolling along and I expect to be finished with the first draft this month. But you want details, right? *eyebrow wiggle*

I can honestly say that I have no flippin clue what’s happening. Oh, I did when I started out, but the characters wrestled the steering wheel away from me. Now, I know that the two main characters are both from out of town, and new to the group. One is a childhood friend of Tori. The other is an assassin sent to kill Michael.

Will Michael die? I’m not sure. I hope not. He and Tori have issues to settle, one of them being Jonas.   I do know that one of the main characters is going to die other than the possible Michael.

I can also say with some certainty that Arracado and Tori will be title characters in upcoming books. He is bugging me silly as I write.

So, post a comment with your thoughts. I’m eager to hear from you.

Crazy, Sad Day

I’m so glad to have the words flowing again. 9300 words plus of the 50k on Blood & Sex 4.

So far today, I had to deal with a neighbor shooting my Doxie, emotional moments too from the one year annivetsary of my
Grandma Darlene’s death.  Then I put all that to the craft.

Another bit of editing a scene that didn’t feel right. Fighting Jonas out of the scenes as usual. I swear, Im gonna give him his own series one day!

Plus, I re-read my story in an upcoming anthology. I’m so excited, and will give you more information,on that soon. For now, I’m going back to my fantasy world for a little peace.

Happy 2011!

It’s 2011 and with the new year, there are new resolutions. I’ve always seen New Year’s Resolutions as ridiculous statements. That’s probably because I’ve typically fallen short of following through on those self-promises.

This year, I am happyNewYear0SMkeeping my resolution simple: I promise to take better care of myself. Yeah, it’s a basic concept, but for me it’s so difficult at times. Whether my best friend needs help or I just want to spend more time with family, I tend to put my own needs and wants on the back burner. As a mom of two (16 yr. and 10 mo.), I fall into the  same rut so many moms do, making sure they look polished and have every desire met instead of carving out time for myself.

Well, this year I hope to level the scales a bit. We moms owe it to our kids to make sure we’re happy, healthy, and fulfilled. We set the examples they will follow later in life, just as I’m following my mom’s example. In the end, it may pose harder to enact than any resolution I’ve made before. Behaviors are often the hardest things to change.

So, what’s your resolution?

If you’ve got tips on helping me keep my resolution, feel free to post them. And above all else, have a happy new year!

Join Dungeon Club FREE


Along with the new website, I’ve added the Dungeon Club. It’s a newsletter and reader club named after the club in the series. I’ll be giving away books, swag, special offers, Birthday surprises and more.

Just sign up below.


My Nicer Twin…

Until now, you’ve only  known me as Angela Cameron.

To be honest, Angela Cameron is my evil twin.  : ) Today, I’d like to welcome the friends who know me as that other Angela. Those who’ve known me forever and those who are just getting to know that I write, and what I’ve been writingfor years.

Why the sudden reveal? Well, I’d originally wanted to keep it seperate from my life to protect my daughter from the more judgemental people around. Now, she’s old enough that it isn’t necessary (the oldest one is, at least), and I’m tired of keeping it a secret. It’s a pain to have split personalities.

I will continue to write under this name. It’s the home for my spicier material. When a publisher wants seduction and sex, this will be the name of the author who writes it. For the child safe material, I’ll be using my real name. In fact, I have one of those pieces coming out early next year, and I don’t want a bunch of teens coming to the author’s website to stumble on 18+ material.

Wondering who the other Angela is? I’ll tell you soon.
Keep checking back for more details and a total revamp of the site!