Back again! (For good.)

I’m back with new books coming out soon.

I’ve lived what seems a thousand lifetimes since I was in the swing of things on the writing front. I’ve learned the craft under a high priestess, researched the paranormal, been on ghost hunts, been a Domme and kink coach, delved into some pretty interesting corners of life, been through the dating scene, found true love, and gained three bonus monsters (a.k.a. sons).

But with all the drama and bliss came a bounty of material for writing.

There is even a new Mr. Cameron. (Ha! Don’t tell him I said that.)

He’s pretty amazing. Imagine Jonas from the Blood and Sex series with pale skin, black hair, tattoos, an I.Q. that will make you swoon, charm, and the most amazing eyes. The two have a lot more than that in common. As my bestie says, “he has a panty-dropper voice”, too.   I swear, I think I conjured this man up all on my own by writing that book. He’s dreamy and gives me plenty of food for my ever hungry muse. *le sigh* I’m a pretty lucky girl these days.

So, I’ll keep this brief. I am updating everything. Once the face-lift is complete, I have some very exciting news.

–With Love–


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Serial and Milk

Tonight, I am again watching Criminal Minds to get my mind off my craving fruit loops.  During the last several years, I’ve made a personal mission of studying serial killers. They, and their abnormal psychological makeup, fascinate me. Whether its a church deacon who binds and tortures or a run of the dungeon sadist…I am transfixed by the study of how they came to do what they do, their quirks (signatures), and how they evolve in their methods. In the future, I fully expect to write a series along the lines of Criminal Minds. For now, I’ll settle for hanging with Morgan and Reed.

Long Time, No Post.


Have a good Halloween?

I’m hoping today is the start of a new life to my blogging. During the last two years, Ive faced some daunting challenges, interesting hurdles, and shocking occurances. Among them have been the birth of my second child, a historic tornado outbreak here, and the deaths of eight close friends and family members. This week another life hangs in the balance as someone very close to me tried to take her own life. She is still in ICU, but we are hopeful.

Tonight, I am setting up this new Android phone and working on notes for the new Blood & Sex book. Its plot has changed over time, but this hero really has me in his greedy little grasp. In short, I love him. 🙂  He is possibly the most vivid since Jonas for me.

So, Im off to spend a little screen time with him. Goodnight!

Baby on the Way!

If you’re a regular to the blog, you’re probably wondering where the heck I’ve been since June. Well, it’s been the summer from HELL! Murphy’s Law was in full effect. I had a heat stroke, hubby a light heart attack (and he’s only 35 and in great health otherwise), my daughter had a random and seemingly causeless seizure, and so on.
Then, in August, I found out that I’m pregnant!

Yep. Pregnant.

Baby at 12 wk sonar

Baby at 12 wk sonar

And I found out the week that my only other baby started high school!!!!

Unlike my first pregnancy, this one kept me nauseous from the time I woke up until the time I went to sleep. Dizzy every time I stood up, and I could only eat potatoes. There were a lot of concerns because of my particular genetics, problems with the first pregnancy, and the fact that I was sterile for 15 years because of PCOS. But, it’s So, here I am, 16 weeks today. The exhaustion has faded in the last week or so. The nausea is gone, and I’m ready to kick some fiction ass!

Look for some awesome updates coming soon. I’m back ba-by! Atleast until March…I’m due the 22nd…hubby’s birthday. (And yeah, that’s my little grinning alien in the 4D sonar pic at 12 weeks.)