New Release! “Demon Lovers Anthology”

I am so excited about today’s release.  I had the honor of working with great editors, Inara Lavey and Kilt Kilpatrick, on this anthology. My incubus story, Blood & Souls, is snuggled between other great sucubi and demon stories. Here’s a summary-


Demon Lovers: A Succubus and Incubus Anthology

They come for you in your sleep… The Succubus, nocturnal seductress of men; the Incubus, the perfect male no woman can resist; enticing demon lovers who haunt your bedroom, slip into your fevered dreams and drag you into delicious sins of the flesh…

Demon Lovers is a fresh new collection of seductive, frightening, hilarious, adventurous, sumptuous, thrilling stories of succubae and incubi from today’s hottest and most exciting authors in paranormal erotica!

A girl with something extra finds her match in a mysterious carnival jack; in Victorian London, a celebrated singer with a secret plays a dangerous game of cat and mouse with a lover; girl sleuths at afinishing school must solve a series of deadly seductions before they are the next to succumb; a female UPS driver discovers that the most unlikely of prospects can lead to an unforgettable erotic encounter; to gain an ancient treasure lost to the Arabian Desert, a roguish archeologist in 1927 must gamble on surviving a seductive Moroccan she-demon! You can find these and many more hot paranormal tales in Demon Lovers!

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“The Dark Desires of the Druids: The Tryst”

I just finished reading the next story on my TBR pile, and I’m very pleased. “The Dark Desires of the Druids: The Tryst” by Isabel Roman is exactly what the title implies, a steamy little rendezvous that is sure to have you running back for more. It’s a great thing that this is part of a series. Otherwise, reading this delightfully erotic short story would be frustrating. If this prequel is any indication of the entertainment one can expect from the novels, look forward to an entertaining tale of naughty, magical Victorians.

 “The Dark Desires of the Druids: The Tryst”
Prequel to Dark Desires of the Druids I: Murder & Magick
by Isabel Roman

* Publish Date: 2008-12-06
* ISBN:  978-1-60777-120-3

Blurb from the Ravenous Romance website:

 “From the moment he sees her, Malcolm Wargrave, Earl of Preston wanted Raven Drake. On a secluded estate in England, he sets out to seduce the very willing miss. Though she returns his passion, she belongs to another. Will this stop their rendezvous?

Raven Drake knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go after it. In this case, after him. Though she’s a virgin, she sees this time with Malcolm as her one chance to experience unbridled passion. And she intends to take it.

But will their tryst be enough for either of them? Or will they be caught in a web of their own making, drowning in desire?”

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Rekindled Fire – Cover

Yipee! We’ve got the cover for Rekindled Fire Anthology (edited by the lovely Elle Amery), which will come out Monday, May 18. It’s as beautiful as the other Ravenous Romance covers. I’m so excited about this anthology because it includes my first witch story “Return to Wynd”, which has recently been retitled “Love Power”.

Rekindled Fire

Succubusted by Inara Lavey

by Inara Lavey

Publish Date: 2008-12-01
ISBN:  978-1-60777-102-9
Price: $1.99

The blurb for this short story on Ravenous’s website is:

“Poor Lil. Though she has hair the color of dark chocolate, cobalt blue eyes and a lush mouth worthy of Angelina Jolie, she unfortunately takes after her grandmother. And when you have succubae blood running in your family tree, dates tend to start with a bang and end with a whimper. But just when she’s beginning to think she’ll spend the rest of her life moving from town to town with a trail of used-up, exhausted men in her wake, the carnival comes to town. There she meets Damien, a tall, dark stranger with intense green eyes, dark wavy hair – and a secret of his own.”

While it’s a great blurb, it doesn’t relay how fun this story is. Lavey’s “Succubusted” is as funny as it is sexy. The author has a sharp wit and casual voice that makes it a wonderful quickie, and I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a sensual paranormal escape on their lunch break.