Inspiring Faces – Tattoo Guy

I have no idea where I got this picture. It’s in my collection of inspiring images. But I love this guy’s tats. Of course, the smokin’ body doesn’t hurt.



Hump-day Hottie – Luke Goss

I’m going to do something a little different. Each wednesday, I’m going to feature a hottie for the writers seeking inspiration and those who just like to look at nice bodies. This week, I’m picking another of my crushes. Yes, I’ve used him as a model for another of my vampire hero characters. But first, let me tell you something that I discovered

Love the shades

Love the shades

about the actor while looking for a picture.

For one, he’s not afraid to be honest. According to’s 2007 article, Goss said, “[L.A.] is actually my home now…You get so caught up in people thinking, ‘You love L.A.? You must be a flaky, lightweight whatever.’ I’ve met some of the nicest people in the world here, so stereotypes can kiss my ass.” Ha! I love it.

I went on to find out that he was a rocker in the UK. Well, that’s one more thing he’s got in common with the character I modeled after him. But then he answered another question to Shock by saying, “It is and people who think it’s corny or trite or something, well, God bless ’em and f**k them! [laughs]” Well, that does it–that is mycharacter. It’s exactly like something he’d say.

And then I found out that he’s in a vampire movie (The Dead Undead)! Yay! I have got to see it now. If the book I wrote that he was the inspiration for the character in ever gets optioned for a movie, he’s got to play the part.

 Now, on to the picture…