Imagination At Large…

For some reason, while I’ve been working on the samples for a non-fiction book, I’m suddenly bombarded with ideas for fiction. I generally have a fertile imagination, but this is ridiculous. I’m losing sleep over it because I can’t stop thinking about it. And it’s somewhat frustrating knowing that I can’t work on them and follow these characters where they’re trying to lead me until about July. For now, I’m jotting notes and hoping they stick around long enough for me to come play.


What do vamps do at IHOP?

Want to see Michael and Jonas in public? What about in an IHOP? Well then, I have a great character interview for you.

Come to Jennifer’s Random Musings to see her interview. I thought it was hilarious and so typically Jonas. I think he’s hoping to have Jennifer as a snack.

Stop by, read the interview, and chat with us about whether or not you’d let them change you into a vampire if you had a choice. I’m curious to see what everyone thinks! Plus, your comments could get you a copy of one of the Blood & Sex books.

Want to meet one of the guys from the Blood & Sex series?

 Stop by Jennifer’s Random Musings  to meet the guys from the Blood & Sex series

on April 16

Jennifer will be interviewing these wicked vampires.

Stop by, leave a comment or question, get automatically entered for my contest at

My First Guest Blog

The Drollerie Press authors are guest blogging!

Stop by the following sites to see the authors. The links are all on the Drollerie site at

Please, don’t forget to see my first released character interview. It’s at

I’m interviewing Torin (the vampire) from my novella Nocturne, from Drollerie Press.

Writer’s Separation Anxiety

You know that sick feeling you get when you’ve spent a lot of time with someone you really enjoy, but now you’ve got to leave them indefinitely? It’s almost the same as being homesick. Well, I have it…but over a character.

I’m wrapping up the second novel in the Blood & Sex series, and I’m finding that I have a severe case of separation anxiety. Jonas and his new love have been such entertaining people to spend time with. I’ve enjoyed writing his story and watching them fall in love. As always, that fratello has taken me to some pretty kinky places and shown me things beyond what I could have imagined. He’s so fascinating and such a strong personality that throughout the story, I found that I was dreaming about him. I would wake up and couldn’t wait to write more, just so that I could see him. Talk about a case of writer’s schizophrenia!

Now, I’m finishing the edits and still writing about him here and there. It’s new stuff that has nothing to do with his romance with Elena. It won’t even be in the books, but I can’t stop. He’s insatiable. I thought that he just enjoyed watching me drool. But now I’m starting to wonder if he’s going to make room for the third hero. Michael was fun, but by the time I was done with Michael’s first draft, Jonas was standing around, tapping his foot, and occasionally flashing a set of handcuffs and a lascivious grin in my direction. The third hero is quiet, not quite the flirt that Jonas is.

I think I’m going to have to strap Jonas into some of his bondage equipment and leave him there while I spend a little time with bachelor number three.

Until tomorrow…