I’m baaaa-aack!

Long time, no see!

I’ve had a number of things that have kept me away including finishing a MS in Psychology and a total life overhaul. I won’t bore you with the details because, in short, I simply owe an apology to all those who’ve been so patient and checked on me repeatedly. And I am sincerely sorry for the detour. I never expected that to become so life consuming (along with all the other mess that happened).

But I’m back now just as fast as I could get back. I finished the last graduate school class last Sunday, and what a relief! The good news is, I know more than ever that my heart lies in crafting fiction (and I have some new tricks up my sleeve thanks to the psych classes). I’ve missed it and you guys dearly.

On a small side note, I also finished writing the next installment of Blood & Sex. *grins* Yes, I finally did it this week. I can’t give you the release date yet because there is some editing left to be done, but I can tell you that “Tori” is the title. (Yes, ladies and gents, she has her very own book among the guys.)

Since everything else in my life is changing, I’ve decided to add all my work to this site under all names. I’ll be adding things under both writing names here from now on and making it easier to find all of my material. I also have outlines of a few other stories drafted and ready for writing. Who’s ready for another story?


Blood & Sex, Vol. 3: Blane – OUT TODAY!

In the third book of Angela Cameron’s steamy trilogy about a vampire mafia, we discover Blane’s hidden passions and struggle to succeed within the vampiro hierarchy. We get glimpses into Michael and Tori’s established relationship, and learn more about the opportunities and threats that the vampiro faces as they journey to Venice.

Will the Alleanza survive the modern pressures of the vampiro cosca?

Will Blane be able to break through the guarded reserve of Christiana, the beautiful woman the vampiro leader has sent to educate the newest vampires?

Or will her sense of duty be stronger than the passion that threatens to sweep her away?

Don’t miss this exciting continuation of the series Romance Junkies named a “debut that rocks”!


Review of Blood & Sex 1 by Lisabet Sarai

A wonderful and flattering new review is up at http://www.lisabetsarai.com/michaelreview.html

Here’s a clip of what the reviewer has to say about my book Blood & Sex, Vol. 1: Michael.

“I have scant patience with vampire romance. Forgive me the pun if I say that the genre has been done to death. It’s rare to find a treatment of vampires with any original aspects. Equally unusual are vampires who are convincingly dark or who demonstrate the complexity one would expect of creatures who have lived for centuries. These days, vampires are the new rock stars. (In fact, a distressingly large number of books actually feature bands composed of the undead.) Romance vampires are trendy, sharp, sexy and as shallow as a kid’s swimming pool.

Angela Cameron’s vampires are an exception. In Michael, Ms. Cameron offers a vampire society with echos of the Mafia: a society based on authority, loyalty, kinship and honor, threaded with the tensions of power struggles and possible betrayal. The vampires have reached an accord promising mutual co-existence with mortals. They own the night, cavorting in their fetish clubs and feeding from willing humans seduced by their glamor, but they supposedly no longer hunt mortal prey…”

Please click on over to the site and finish reading the review. http://www.lisabetsarai.com/michaelreview.html

Dark Divas Review of Michael

I’ve been away, sick with a horrendous bout of poison ivy courtesy of my arrogance and a weed eater. I came back today to find a wonderful new review from Melissa at Dark Divas, honoring Blood & Sex, Vol. 1: Michael with four Divas!

Angela Cameron has penned an interesting vampire story, giving quite a few new twists and turns to vampires…Overall, this story did keep me very interested and I enjoyed reading it. As I mentioned, the sensory descriptions in this book are phenomenal.”

Go on over to their site to read the rest…http://ddrreviews.blogspot.com/2009/05/blood-and-sex-volume-1-michael-by.html

Joyfully Reviewed for Blood & Sex, Vol. 1

Patrice F. put up a wonderful review for Blood & Sex, Vol. 1: Michael. I’m so flattered and thrilled. Here’s a little excerpt:

“…Blood and Sex, Volume 1: Michael races from page to page, bursting with loads of sexual tension, steamy sex, vile villains, Machiavellian schemes and paranormal thrills. The supporting characters such as Jonas and Jude are delightful while bringing to mind vamps from Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake series but all in a complimentary good way since Ms. Cameron adds a fresh twist to her vamps. And like the Anita Blake series, there’s a fair share of graphic violence. All and all, this novel carries its own weight without comparisons and will do quite well as a preternatural crime series.”

Go to Romance Novel Reviews at Joyfully Reviewed for the full review.

Talk About My Favorite Authors: Review for Michael

“I love the character Tori because she so reminds me of Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake…”

“Angela Cameron delievers a start to an exciting, sexy, steamy series about Italian vampires and their love stories that will keep you wanting more even after the story ends. I give this book 4.5 Open Books”

via Talk About My Favorite Authors: Blood & Sex, Vol. 1: Michael.