Announcing: The Real Me :-)

The first quarter of 2011 has been a real rat-race. I’ve been wrapping up the first draft of a new story, the plot of Blood & Sex, Vol. 4, making plans for a new non-fiction with a top paranormal investigator, and a few short stories for ezines.

It’s been a busy time personally, too. January, I turned a year older. February, I spent fighting one illness after another in my family. Then March brought plans for my oldest child’s Sweet Sixteen, had food poisoning, and had my right hand slammed in the hall bathroom door. Now, it’s sort of yellowish, has a knot over the pinky bone behind the knuckle, hurts like heck when I bump it, and still has scabs from the cuts, but it’s much better!

So, while I’d planned to make this announcement before, I’m pleased to do it now. You all know me as Angela Cameron, my pseudonym (pen name) for grown-up stories, but my real name is on my new site that will serve as the home for my non-fiction and mainstream work at

Scoot on over to my new home-away-from-home, say “Hi”, and see the first preview of my new book “Dark Angels Revealed”, which will hit shelves May 11th. I’m curious to see your comments on this vampire non-fiction’s eye-candy. If you like Twilight, Vampire Diaries, True Blood, or any of the top vampires and dark heroes, you’ll enjoy this new book.

See you there!


Just finished reading…

Just finished reading a book that I really enjoyed, and now it’s time for me to confess. When I first read the cover copy for DUSK on it’s release, I though “Eeesh.” It sounded impossibe to pull off in a roughly 200 page vampire novel. Boy, was I wrong. Lana Griffin not only manages to pull off the most original cast of characters in a vampire story that I’ve seen in a while, but she does it with a fantastic wit that had me laughing out loud.  It’s hard to say more without giving away the intricate plot, but I will add that mathematician-turned-voodoo priestess, Alexandra Leveau, as the voice of the story, is purely entertaining.

Even more impressive is how Griffin can keep even the most vampire-weary reader (me) devouring the pages. I’m a bit of a cynic when it comes to trying new vampire worlds and authors. Rice, Hamilton, Ward, and few others occupy my automatic buy list. Having ventured a trip into Griffin’s world, it’s no surprise to me now that she’s the alter-ego of a NYT bestselling author, and I can’t help wondering who that alter is.

The only thing I didn’t enjoy about the story was that it ended. So, I’m hoping that Griffin finds the time to take us back to Havenshire soon. Her imagination is a fertile playground that I’ve truly enjoyed visiting.

by Lana Griffin

Publisher: Ravenous Romance
Publish Date: 2009-12-30
ISBN:  97816077730613160

Buy it at:

“The Dark Desires of the Druids: The Tryst”

I just finished reading the next story on my TBR pile, and I’m very pleased. “The Dark Desires of the Druids: The Tryst” by Isabel Roman is exactly what the title implies, a steamy little rendezvous that is sure to have you running back for more. It’s a great thing that this is part of a series. Otherwise, reading this delightfully erotic short story would be frustrating. If this prequel is any indication of the entertainment one can expect from the novels, look forward to an entertaining tale of naughty, magical Victorians.

 “The Dark Desires of the Druids: The Tryst”
Prequel to Dark Desires of the Druids I: Murder & Magick
by Isabel Roman

* Publish Date: 2008-12-06
* ISBN:  978-1-60777-120-3

Blurb from the Ravenous Romance website:

 “From the moment he sees her, Malcolm Wargrave, Earl of Preston wanted Raven Drake. On a secluded estate in England, he sets out to seduce the very willing miss. Though she returns his passion, she belongs to another. Will this stop their rendezvous?

Raven Drake knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go after it. In this case, after him. Though she’s a virgin, she sees this time with Malcolm as her one chance to experience unbridled passion. And she intends to take it.

But will their tryst be enough for either of them? Or will they be caught in a web of their own making, drowning in desire?”

Get the story HERE

Inara Lavey on Succubusted

Inara, thank you for taking the time to talk with me. As you already know, I recently read your short story Succubusted, and I’m in awe. It’s really a fun, unique ride. How did you come up with the idea for the story?

Hi, Angela!  I am delighted to talk to you and so thrilled that you not only read Succubusted, but liked it! 

As for the idea, I needed to come up with a short for Ravenous really quickly.  I went for a walk on the beach with Dave (my bf) and we were tossing ideas back and forth.  I’m also working on a paranormal horror/romance where one of the characters is a succubus and it sparked the thought of, what if a succubus and an incubus had sex?  Would they feed on each other and both die…or would it be the best sex they ever had?  You’ve read Succubusted, so you know the Succubustedanswer.  🙂

 Are all of your heroines so strong?

Yeah, pretty much so.  They’re flawed, with human frailties, but I don’t think I could write about a heroine that didn’t have a core of inner strength .  I don’t like weak heroines, probably because I’m pretty strong-willed and determined myself.  

What is your favorite line (or few lines) from the story?

Heh.  You actually pulled my favorite bit when you so very kindly told me how much you liked it.  The bit when Lil, the heroine, is talking about how the succubus was blamed for wet dreams:

The monastic holy rollers just needed a convenient scapegoat for their ‘nocturnal emissions’ ’cause wet dreams were not considered holy.  Kind of funny when you consider how many men yell ‘oh god, oh god, YES!’ when they come. 

I’m dying to ask one question—do you work at being as humorous as you are? Or is it natural?

I just asked my boyfriend what he thought and he says ‘it flows out of you like a river.’  Which makes me feel humorously incontinent.

I guess it’s fairly natural – I come from a family with a very loopy sense of humor and was raised and then nurtured on the likes of Mary Tyler Moore (ever see the Chuckles the Clown episode?), Spinal Tap and Black Adder.  Also, without a sense of humor, I think I would have killed myself many years ago.  Life experiences can be harsh and without humor and empathy to help cope with some of the more negative/tragic experiences…well, I think it’s definitely a coping mechanism that’s prevented many a suicide.

Would you like to share a little about what you’re working on right now?

I’m currently working on a book called CHAMPAGNE for Ravenous Romance, which started with a short story I wrote for myRipping the Bodice boyfriend.  It’s got all of his favorite elements in it and has definitely stretched my writing chops.  It’s set in France, has lots of food and wine, and features two really hot women and two really hot men.  And there is a definite relationship at the core of it.  Some of this is based on personal experience.  But I’ll keep the specifics to myself for the time being. 

Where can we find more information about your work?

you can go to, or email me at  I’m always up for a chat! 

Thanks so much for chatting with me, Inara. I may be knocking on your inbox again when I read the next story.

 Thank you for having me on your blog, Angela!  I hope you’ll be visiting me in the near future too!

Chat with Paige Tyler – Vampire 101

 I’ve had a thing for vampires ever since I first saw the tall, dark, and hunky Angel on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so when I decided to write a vamp paranormal romance, I thought why not write about a heroine who was as into him as I am? Of course, Savanna, the sexy heroine in my new book Vampire 101, ended up getting a little more caught up in the whole vampire thing than I think I would like. For one thing, she likes to hang out at Goth-clubs on the weekend, figuring that’s as close to the dark, brooding Angel as she’s ever likely to get. Now I can honestly say I’ve never done that! It was fun to write about it, though.
Since she’s read just about vamp book ever written, and watched every television show and movie ever made about them to boot, Savanna considers herself somewhat of an expert on the subject. Of course, she doesn’t really believe in her heart that vampires exist.  It’s just fun to think they do. She’d be happy just to find someone with a few vamp-like qualities – hence the Goth clubs.  But then her whole world is turned upside down when she’s bitten by a real-life rogue vampire and left for dead outside a Goth-club.  That’s when she discovers the hard way that they really do exist after all. And when the sinfully handsome vampire Kaige, the hero of Vampire 101, comes to her rescue and saves her life by turning her into one, she learns that everything she thought she knew about vampires is wrong.
But just because she was wrong about the details, it doesn’t mean that she isn’t in for the wildest, craziest, most sensual ride of her life!  Time to hold on tight and find out how a modern vampire really lives!
Being a Vampire Isn’t What It Used to Be!

Savanna Royce is a weekend Goth-girl who has always been fascinated with vampires. She doesn’t really believe in them, of course, but that changes when she is bitten by a rogue vamp and left for dead.

Fortunately, two-hundred-and-seventy-eight-year-old vampire Kaige Travers is there to rescue her. Unwilling to let her die, he turns Savanna into a vampire to save her life, not knowing if she’ll thank him or hate him for it.

While Kaige is teaching Savanna what she needs to know about being a vampire, neither of them can deny the chemistry that’s there. Somewhere between getting her registered at the local vampire admin office and teaching her how to order blood on the internet, they fall for each other, fast and hard.

Just as things are heating up between the sheets – and everywhere else – they encounter one minor problem. The rogue vampire who attacked her is back and this time, he wants to finish the job he started.

Heart hammering in her chest, Savanna lifted her head to see a tall, dark-haired man coming into the room. Even as fuzzy as she was, there was no mistaking those rugged good looks. He was the guy she remembered leaning over her.
“You’re awake,” he said. “That’s good.”
His voice was deep and velvety, just like she remembered. Savanna jumped to her feet and she backed away from him on wobbly legs.
“Who are you?” she demanded. “Where am I?”
The man held up his hand in a placating gesture. “Just take it easy. I’m not going to hurt you,” he said. “My name is Kaige Travers, and you’re in my house.”
Savanna’s eyes narrowed suspiciously. What the heck kind of name was Kaige, anyway?Probably fake. “Why did you bring me here?” she asked, not bothering to return the introduction.
Kaige regarded her thoughtfully for a moment. “How much do you remember about what happened at the Goth club?” he asked.
Savanna’s pulse began to race. He couldn’t possibly be referring to that crazy stuff from her dream. “What are you talking about?”
He hesitated. “You were attacked. I had to bring you here to save your life.”
She frowned. “What do you mean, you brought me here to save my life? Why didn’t yo
just take me to a hospital? What kind of attack?”
“The hospital wouldn’t have been able to do anything for you,” Kaige said. “That guy who dragged you into the alley…he was a…you were…” He sighed. “You were bitten by a vampire.”
Savanna stared at him in disbelief. Okay, that did it. No more Goth clubs for her. She might like to dress all in black and pretend that vampires really did exist, but she knew enough to separate fantasy from reality. Unlike the handsome, but obviously insane, Kaige Travers.
“Look,” he said. “I know it sounds crazy, but –”
“It doesn’t just sound crazy, it is crazy!” she snapped. “Vampires aren’t real.”
Kaige folded his arms across his broad chest. “Actually, they are.”
She laughed. “Right. Next you’ll be telling me that I’m a vampire because I got bitten by one. Sorry, but I think you have your vampire and werewolf lore mixed up. In order to become a vampire, a person has to have their blood drained, and then they have to drink the blood of the vampire who bit them. Are you telling me that the guy who bit me gave me his blood?”
The muscle in Kaige’s jaw flexed. “The vampire who bit you left you to die. I was the one who turned you.”
Savanna blinked. “You?” she said incredulously.
He nodded. “After I chased the other vampire off, I gave you my blood.”
“Please tell me you’re joking,” she said.
“It was the only way to save your life,” he said.
Savanna’s stomach churned. It was one thing to think vampires were sexy, but the idea of drinking blood was too disgusting for words. She swallowed hard. “So, you’re telling me that you’re a vampire?”
He nodded. “Yes.”
“Riiiiiight,” she said, drawing the word out. “Look, no offense. I mean you’re hot and everything, but you’re definitely not vamp material. Take it from me, I know.” She picked up her evening purse from the bedside table. “Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to go ahead and leave.”
Alarm flickered in Kaige’s golden brown eyes. “You can’t leave yet. You’re still weak. You need more blood.”
Savanna made a face at that, her stomach churning again. “What I need is a shower and a cup of coffee.”
Giving Kaige a wide berth, she headed for the door. As she did so, she glanced at her reflection in the mirror over the dresser and immediately stopped when she saw the puckered red scars on her neck. She reached up to lightly run her fingers over them.
“Now do you believe me?” Kaige asked.
He had moved across the room to stand behind her and she met his gaze in the mirror. She was tall, but even in the high-heeled boots she was wearing, the top of her head didn’t quite reach his chin.
She lifted her own a fraction of an inch. “No. If I were a vampire, I wouldn’t have a reflection. Neither would you.”
He muttered something she didn’t catch under his breath. “You’ve been watching too many movies. Of course we have a reflection. We’re vampires, not ghosts.”
Savanna spun around to face him. “You’ve got an answer for everything, don’t you?”
His mouth quirked. “But unfortunately none of them seem to be enough to make you believe me.”
“Because what you’re talking about is crazy,” she told him. “Vampires don’t exist.”
Kaige lifted a brow. “You certainly seem to know a lot about vampires considering you don’t believe in them,” he said, folding his arms over his chest again.
Savanna felt her face color. “Just because I’m into vampires, that doesn’t mean I think they’re real. Or that you’re one of them.”
His eyes narrowed. “What if I could give you proof?”
“What kind of proof?” she said.
Kaige didn’t answer, but simply opened his mouth. As she watched, his canines elongated before her very eyes, and then retracted.
Savanna backed up until she hit the dresser. Holy crap! “Where the heck did you find a dentist to do that?”
He clenched his jaw. “I didn’t have a dentist do it. I’m a vampire. They come with the title.”
She chewed on her lower lip. This guy really believed what he was saying, she realized. And while the fangs did look sexy as hell on him, the whole thing was still way too weird even for her.
“I’m out of here,” she said, heading for the door.
He followed her down the hall. “Look I won’t stop you from leaving, but if you start feeling weak, you need to come back here immediately.”
She glanced over her shoulder at him as she hurried down the stairs. “Oh, sure thing. I’ll do that.”
“And watch out for the sun,” he said when she yanked open the front door.
She turned to give him a superior look. “Let me guess. Because I’ll burst into flames, right?”
His mouth tightened. “No, but you will get one hell of a nasty sunburn faster than you ever thought possible.”
Savanna just shook her head. The guy might be gorgeous, she thought as she closed the door behind her, but he was also completely certifiable!
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Succubusted by Inara Lavey

by Inara Lavey

Publish Date: 2008-12-01
ISBN:  978-1-60777-102-9
Price: $1.99

The blurb for this short story on Ravenous’s website is:

“Poor Lil. Though she has hair the color of dark chocolate, cobalt blue eyes and a lush mouth worthy of Angelina Jolie, she unfortunately takes after her grandmother. And when you have succubae blood running in your family tree, dates tend to start with a bang and end with a whimper. But just when she’s beginning to think she’ll spend the rest of her life moving from town to town with a trail of used-up, exhausted men in her wake, the carnival comes to town. There she meets Damien, a tall, dark stranger with intense green eyes, dark wavy hair – and a secret of his own.”

While it’s a great blurb, it doesn’t relay how fun this story is. Lavey’s “Succubusted” is as funny as it is sexy. The author has a sharp wit and casual voice that makes it a wonderful quickie, and I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a sensual paranormal escape on their lunch break.

Saving Sophie–Free Book…Today Only!

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This sizzling story is the first in a three-book series by Elle Amery that takes place in the small town of Quartzton, California.

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