Win an adult worthy Trick or Treat bag!

Grown Ups like treats, too! Angela Cameron is bringin' the goodies!!Sign Up for Angela’s Newsletter to enter…Win a Grown Up’s Trick or Treat Bag!

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When the contest ends, we’ll perform a random drawing from the new subscribers. The winner will receive a Trick or Treat bag of grown up goodies that will include books and more to make your Halloween spook-tacular!

Deadline is October 25, Sunset

The cose: Your undying slavery *mwahahahahahaha*

9 thoughts on “Win an adult worthy Trick or Treat bag!

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  2. Hey Angela-at my job, we were supposed to dress as out favorite literary character for Halloween this year. One woman came as Elvira, another as a generic female vampire from one of C. Harris’ Sookie series, and I went all out and came as Michael-black fancy suit, black silk shirt and tie, pale makeup some blood, and fangs. Thanks for writing him so well I could dress as him.

  3. Oh my gosh!! Really?? That’s so cool! Love it! Michael would be so flattered. When I see him again, it’s the first thing I’ll tell him!

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