Shocking Book 4: How to Survive It!

I received an email this morning from a reader who was a bit shocked and upset by the story line for Tori in vol 4: Dorian, which released last week. I wanted to say something to everyone who may be feeling the same.

First, I’m flattered that people love the characters as much as I do!!

Second, don’t be discouraged by Tori’s struggle. The story is told from LeAnne’s perspective. Being her best friend, she sees Tori’s softer and weaker side. Also, Tori is in a dark place. As is Michael. They are all going through a tough time but….

Tori will have huge life changes in Vol 5, which I’m already working on. The Tori we all love is not gone. Trust me 😉

If you haven’t read 4, go grab a copy here and chime in. I’d love to hear your thoughts, but please put spoiler alerts if you reveal details.



14 thoughts on “Shocking Book 4: How to Survive It!

  1. I didn’t realize Dorian’s book was released. I just went to Ravenous and got my copy…I’m stoked!!!

  2. I haven’t had time to email you and the newsletters about the release hasn’t gone out yet. Hopefully this weekend though.

  3. Not yet. In a month or so it will be available from Amazon. I’m not sure when it goes to all book stores.

  4. Wow! I finished Vol. 4 in one sitting. Really, there is something cruel about having to wait to see what happens next. Great job with the drama and suspense!

  5. Any guess estimate on when book 5 will be released? I know book 4 just went out…was just wondering how long it will be to get rid of the heartsick feeling for Jonas, Elena, Michael, & Tori.

  6. will there be a happy ending for Tori and Michael in book 5? the whole time I felt bad for Michael regarding the whole Jonas drama.

  7. I don’t know yet, and I’ve gone back and forth on that. In some ways Michael allowed this because of his plotting. Never deceive people you love! Lol!

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