Blood & Sex 4…Coming Soon!

Well, the next installment in the serious has been turned in to the editor and will be coming soon. I can’t wait to see what you all think about who dies, who is comatose, and who is missing in the end.

The story revolves around LeAnne & Dorian, both of which are new to town. Dorian is an assassin sent to kill one of the group, and LeAnne is Tori’s childhood bestie.

There will be at least two more stories, which is perhaps more obvious in this story than the others. The next one will, as I have it planned right now, center around a heroine we have already covered. I think we need to start a message board where we can discuss this without spilling the surprises. What do you think? Would you join a message board if we set one up?


12 thoughts on “Blood & Sex 4…Coming Soon!

  1. OMG…I’m skoked over this news. I love this series. I can’t wait to get a release date. I’ll keep watching for updates.
    A message board sound great. I’d try to participate.

  2. Okay…I just did a complete reread of Michael, Jonas and Blane, so bring it on. But fair warning, you had best not kill of my favorites…and you know exactly who I’m talking about, A.C. Looking forward to reading this one…soon, I hope!

  3. I can’t wait for this one. Just finished a reread of Michael. Jonas and Blane and will be watching for the next one. I did convince a friend who had read Michael that she really needed to pick up the others and to convince her, I sent her a review of Jonas (mine from way back when) and she immediately got both Jonas and Blane. She loves them almost as much as I do.

  4. Gosh, I think I screwed up with my comment on WordPress (I’m really new to this and the way wordpress works). Tried to delete it but couldn’t and am sorry for that. Just downloaded B&S 4. Must confess, I had to go to the end first to see who was killed (after those comments) and then went back to the beginning to start reading. I just couldn’t keep myself from doing it. LOL Thanks for writing B&S 4. As you mentioned, may be 2 more books ?, can’t wait.

  5. All I can say is that I love you guys!! You’re great! I’m sorry it took so long to get that book out but Tori is in a dark place in the book for a reason 😉 I can’t wait to hear what you all think of four. Working on five right now!

  6. I have finished B&S 4 and LOVED IT!! It was action packed right to the end. I hope in #5 we are told why Michael didn’t go ahead and change Tori cause right now I think Michael is a ##!!, etc.etc. LOL. Even after reading your update I still feel so sorry for Tori and can’t help but think she got the short end of the stick. And Elena/Michael–no wonder Tori had doubts about Michael. And well, LeAnne and Dorian–what a couple. I was beginning to wonder if they would get together or not. And Jonas. The ending of the book is quite a cliffhanger with a lot of questions about Tori, Michael, Jonas, and LeAnne. Also, I wonder about Khalil-maybe there is something between him and Tori we don’t know about? Like I said what an ending with so many questions and ideas of what might/could/should happen!! If anyone who hasn’t yet read all 4 books of Blood and Sex, I highly recommend these action packed books. You won’t be disappointed. And I am sooooooo waiting for B&S 5.

  7. There are sooooo many thing to reveal. Tori’s life is definitely going to change in a big way. I can’t wait to talk about it.

  8. Okay…I set up a private page for us to talk about Dorian without spoiling. Check your email tomorrow. The password and link is going out to the Dungeon Club Members.

  9. Just re-read Dorian again. Even after 3 readings I still feel sorry for Tori and dislike very much the way Michael handled things and the secrets he has kept from Tori (and he talks about protecting Tori HaHa) and now that he has turned LeAnne Tori is up for grabs by any vampire (at the end the mention of something “special” about Tori means that other vampires are also going to notice this “special” quality) who tries to get her for themselves. I can’t say enough bad stuff about Michael – hope he is dead. I hope when Tori picks herself up she stands tall and proud and shows several of the characters in Dorian (especially Michael if he isn’t dead) that he treated her very, very poorly but in the end she realizes she deserves better than Michael (the prick) and she aims to go above and beyond Michael. But also, Dorian, how about him? He gets to live eternity with LeAnne who is Michael’s progeny and through all eternity LeAnne and Michael will have the vampire/progeny connection if he is not dead (will she still have that connection since LeAnne and Dorian are now blood bonded at the end of the book?). And Jonas. Michael absolutely did not want Jonas to turn Tori but yet Michael would not turn her himself – like if I can’t do it nobody else is either. According to the book there is something else going on that only a couple of characters are aware of involving LeAnne’s turning and not Tori so here is hoping that book 5 arrives and answers some of the questions that book 4 left open.

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