Today, I went to visit an old friend at the cemetary.

Two years today, it’s been his home, and I just now felt up to saying goodbye. It was a lot harder than I expected.

I couldn’t say the words, but I managed to make the horrible truth a little more real. Sometimes letting go takes a while. This one particular death will always haunt me, I think…and maybe that’s why I’m procssing it in bits.

(All that stuff is his, by the way.)

But what is life without loving others and grieving their absence.


5 thoughts on “Goodbyes…

  1. Time heals but we don’t forget the ones we love. It’s better to have loved and lost than not to love at all. May good memories stay with you always of this special person.

  2. I know about hard goodbyes. We lost our daughter 3 years ago and indeed time does help but you never forget them and sometimes just some little something will bring it all back home how much you miss the person that is gone but over time you find yourself remembering the good times. Time does help. “I’m sorry” two little words that can mean so much.

  3. I’m so sorry. I have two daughters and that’s my worst nightmare. Thank you for your kind, honest words.

    I do miss him a bunch. He was my other little brother. I was sooooo fortunate to see him at the store shortly before his death, and we had a 30 min chat that included big hugs and me getting to tell him just how special he was to me. It was a fluke, and I’m glad I listened to my gut that day.

    Anyway, I know it’ll get better. I just had so many deaths so close together. Plus, I was at NICU with my newborn youngest in another city when he passed and it was thought best that I didnt go to his funeral. Honestly, they were right…but it left a need for closure. I still forget he’s gone at times.

    But…I’m hanging in! 🙂

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