Zombies, Vampires, and Haiku

So, I stumbled upon the engenius and entertaining blog of Zombie haiku at Fix It Or Deal and thought this was a great way to get in the Halloween spirit. Since I am a novelist, notShaun of the Dead a poet, they’re bound to suck…but I figured I might as well go first since this is my blog. To acknowledge FIOD’s influence on today’s post , I turn to my favorite Zombie movie, Shaun of the Dead for a zombie haiku.


Shaun, oh, Shaun. It’s you!
Do what zombie killers do.
Bash ’em in the head.

Splat. Thunk. Oozing brains.
We’ll meet at the Winchester.
You’ve got red on you.


Then, for my own spin, I thought I’d write another atrocious haiku inspired by True Blood.

True Blood - Eric NorthmanBon Temps is my home.
No other place I’d soon roam,
Except maybe North

To club Fangtasia.
Viking nibbles with Eric
cause TruBlood is bland.



And finally a return to the classics with Nosferatu.

Creeping, gnarled little man,
you desperately need a tan.
A manicure, too!


Okay, so we know that my haiku couldn’t really get any worse. Now it’s your turn. Post one for us to see on the Halloween topic of your choice. Of course, I prefer to see vampire inspired works, but it’s up to you. Let’s just have fun with it.

Haiku format:
first line – Five syllables
second line – Seven syllables
third line – Five syllables



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