Inara Lavey on Succubusted

Inara, thank you for taking the time to talk with me. As you already know, I recently read your short story Succubusted, and I’m in awe. It’s really a fun, unique ride. How did you come up with the idea for the story?

Hi, Angela!  I am delighted to talk to you and so thrilled that you not only read Succubusted, but liked it! 

As for the idea, I needed to come up with a short for Ravenous really quickly.  I went for a walk on the beach with Dave (my bf) and we were tossing ideas back and forth.  I’m also working on a paranormal horror/romance where one of the characters is a succubus and it sparked the thought of, what if a succubus and an incubus had sex?  Would they feed on each other and both die…or would it be the best sex they ever had?  You’ve read Succubusted, so you know the Succubustedanswer.  🙂

 Are all of your heroines so strong?

Yeah, pretty much so.  They’re flawed, with human frailties, but I don’t think I could write about a heroine that didn’t have a core of inner strength .  I don’t like weak heroines, probably because I’m pretty strong-willed and determined myself.  

What is your favorite line (or few lines) from the story?

Heh.  You actually pulled my favorite bit when you so very kindly told me how much you liked it.  The bit when Lil, the heroine, is talking about how the succubus was blamed for wet dreams:

The monastic holy rollers just needed a convenient scapegoat for their ‘nocturnal emissions’ ’cause wet dreams were not considered holy.  Kind of funny when you consider how many men yell ‘oh god, oh god, YES!’ when they come. 

I’m dying to ask one question—do you work at being as humorous as you are? Or is it natural?

I just asked my boyfriend what he thought and he says ‘it flows out of you like a river.’  Which makes me feel humorously incontinent.

I guess it’s fairly natural – I come from a family with a very loopy sense of humor and was raised and then nurtured on the likes of Mary Tyler Moore (ever see the Chuckles the Clown episode?), Spinal Tap and Black Adder.  Also, without a sense of humor, I think I would have killed myself many years ago.  Life experiences can be harsh and without humor and empathy to help cope with some of the more negative/tragic experiences…well, I think it’s definitely a coping mechanism that’s prevented many a suicide.

Would you like to share a little about what you’re working on right now?

I’m currently working on a book called CHAMPAGNE for Ravenous Romance, which started with a short story I wrote for myRipping the Bodice boyfriend.  It’s got all of his favorite elements in it and has definitely stretched my writing chops.  It’s set in France, has lots of food and wine, and features two really hot women and two really hot men.  And there is a definite relationship at the core of it.  Some of this is based on personal experience.  But I’ll keep the specifics to myself for the time being. 

Where can we find more information about your work?

you can go to, or email me at  I’m always up for a chat! 

Thanks so much for chatting with me, Inara. I may be knocking on your inbox again when I read the next story.

 Thank you for having me on your blog, Angela!  I hope you’ll be visiting me in the near future too!


4 thoughts on “Inara Lavey on Succubusted

  1. Great interview, Angela! Now I can’t wait to hear what you have to say when Inara sits you down for a few questions on her blog…

  2. LOL. You were Queen…Empress works though.
    Thanks for coming on the blog, Dana.

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