Joyfully Reviewed for Blood & Sex, Vol. 1

Patrice F. put up a wonderful review for Blood & Sex, Vol. 1: Michael. I’m so flattered and thrilled. Here’s a little excerpt:

“…Blood and Sex, Volume 1: Michael races from page to page, bursting with loads of sexual tension, steamy sex, vile villains, Machiavellian schemes and paranormal thrills. The supporting characters such as Jonas and Jude are delightful while bringing to mind vamps from Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake series but all in a complimentary good way since Ms. Cameron adds a fresh twist to her vamps. And like the Anita Blake series, there’s a fair share of graphic violence. All and all, this novel carries its own weight without comparisons and will do quite well as a preternatural crime series.”

Go to Romance Novel Reviews at Joyfully Reviewed for the full review.


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