March Contest: Bloody Scavenger Hunt

March’s Contest : The Blood Scavenger Hunt

In honor of my newest release, Blood & Sex, Vol. 2: Jonas, I’m hosting a treasure hunt!

     Entering is easy. There are three ways to put your name in the drawing. First, is to find all the correct answers on the questionnaire and turn it in at contests @ This earns you two entries.  

     You can also earn one entry by signing up for the newsletter, if you haven’t already. You can sign up at

Blood & Sex, Vol. 2: Jonas by Angela Cameron

Blood & Sex, Vol. 2: Jonas by Angela Cameron


     Of course, purchasing a copy of one of Angela Cameron’s books during the month of March will count. Just email the receipt to contests @ with your name included. This earns you two entries

      Finally, You can also earn two entries by posting a review of one of Angela Cameron’s books on, Fictionwise, Good Reads, All Romance Ebooks, or other public forum. Just post the review and email a link with your name to contests @ Each review earns two entries.


The deadline for entries is Midnight CST on March 31.


The prizes include:

Free ebooks, a Ravenous Romance Gift Certificate, and other great goodies.

Enter today!



Questionnaire for the Bloody Scavenger Hunt

Hosted by: Angela Cameron

All the answers to the following questions can be found at:

Angela’s website – , Angela’s Blog –

In the info section on Blood & Sex, Vol. 2 (Here), In the Excerpt for Jonas (Here), Or Ravenous Romance (Here)

1.       What is the profession of Elena, Jonas’s love interest in Blood & Sex, Volume 2?

2.       What is the cost of an ebook on Ravenous Romances’ website?

3.       The decorative theme of Jonas’s new club is?

4.       Into what room does Jonas take Tori too when she’s drunk? (Hint: It’s in the excerpt.)

5.       Who is the hero in Blood & Sex, Vol. 1?

6.       Who wrote the last blog entry on the Ravenous Romance author’s blog? (Hint: the link is on the Ravenous home page.)

7.       Name one of Angela Cameron’s crushes. (Hint: Blog)

8.       What is the publication date for Blood & Sex, Volume 2?

9.       The name of Jonas’s new club is?

10.   Name one of the people mentioned in the Acknowledgements of Blood & Sex, Volume 2.


3 thoughts on “March Contest: Bloody Scavenger Hunt

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  2. Hey, congratulations on your latest release and good luck with your contest. You have received Your Blog is Fabulous Award. Stop by my blog for details.


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