Belly Dancing & Poetry

A dear friend and wonderful poet has a new book that I’m excited to tell you all about.  Here’s a little about it:

Jane Kohut-Bartels, writer and bellydancer, has woven a magic carpet of poetry, short story and other delightful forms of literary erotica. Japanese forms of poetry, tanka and haiku, free verse, sonnets and other works create a mosaic that will keep you up at nights reading through this book. If not, your dreams will be invaded by particular visions of erotica. As a Turkish/Egyptian trained belly dancer, Jane Kohut-Bartels brings her exotic experiences in dance to her transcendent stories, weaving a particular magic that only well crafted stories can do. She rounds the world with her writings from ancient Japan, to Venice and France in the 18th century and back to the present, entertaining readers with her fertile imagination. How appropriate this book is released to the public February 14th, 2009. It is a Valentine’s Day gift that will stir the senses and gladden the heart.

Get A Seasoning of Lust Here in paperback or ebook.


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