Author Tuesdays – Interviewing C.R. Moss

Please welcome author C.R. Moss. C.R., could you please start by telling us a little about yourself?

I’m a contracted author with eXtasy Books and Devine Destinies.  I consider myself a multi-genre writer – paranormal, contemporary, horror, sci-fi – in both the sensual romance and erotic romance markets. Whatever my muse wants to give me, I take, which gives readers a choice according to his or her own preferences.  My signature line is: ~ Stories for the Elemental Romance Experience ~  More tidbits about me can be found on my website and in my various blogs.

On to a fun question…If you could be one of your characters for 24 hours–Who would you be? And what would you do?
I’d be Calissa Parker, a heroine in my upcoming book Postponing Eternity to be released this summer by Devine Destinies, so I could hang out with her cute, younger love interest Tarrin.  Yum!  😉

Since your writing is so diverse, what’s your favorite genre to read?
I don’t really have a favorite genre.  I read all kinds of stuff.  I just finished Frank Herbert’s Dune series and Helen Fielding’s Olivia Joules and the Overactive Imagination.  I’m currently reading Anne Rice’s Christ the Lord: The Road to Cana.  I have a Clive Barker novel in my TBR pile, along with a couple of non-fiction research books and the Dragon Lance Chronicles.

Who or what influences your writing the most? 
Snippets on television, news headlines on the web, songs on the radio, the interesting things people say and my dreams influence my writing and give me ideas.  In fact a person’s myspace profile and a song I heard on the radio sparked the idea for Dirty Little Secret (a fantasy games story available at and its sequel Dirty Little Lie due out in February.  Then a line a character said on one of the soaps I watch gave me an idea for a title of a possible story. 

Isn’t it amazing what can inspire? So, when you have writer’s block how do you get back in the groove? 
I’ll take a hot bath so I can relax and let my mind wander.  I also do timed writing exercises to get into the spirit of writing for the day.

What do you do for inspiration while you write?
I’ll have spa type music playing in the background.  Sometimes I’ll light incense or a sandalwood candle too.

Very interesting. Well, what kind of research do you do for your books? Do you enjoy the process? 
I watch shows particular to what my stories need.  I love the Discovery, History, National Geographic and Science channels.  Just recently I caught a show about the seven signs of the apocalypse.  I took notes because I need the info for a book in the series I’m writing.  I also surf the net for information.  The research doesn’t bother me because I love to learn!

Do you outline your books (Plotter) or just write (Pantster)?
I flip between the two depending upon the story and what the characters are dictating. I create very rough first drafts so I guess you can say that in the very beginning of a WIP I’m a Plotter.  But then my characters like to take over and change things up.  At this point I normally go into Pantster mode because they don’t want to follow the initial outline. 


Can you give us a sneak peek at any of your upcoming books? 
Due out in April via is my contemporary romantic suspense, Concealed Affairs, and in June also through extasy will be my contribution to the tarot series: The Decision ~ Tarot Series: The Wheel.  Please visit my website for information on these stories and more!

What is the title of your most recent published work? Please tell us more about it.
In December Holiday Spirits released via  The blurb for this story is: At the start of the Las Vegas marathon Jenna bumps into a man from her past and embarks on a life changing journey by just the touch of his hand.  As recollections of a former life assail her, she makes a promise that Artim will be an early holiday gift to herself.  After ages of searching for the love he left one fateful day, Artim finally encounters her.  When he realizes Jenna not only remembers who he is and what she was to him, but also the heartache he caused her, he believes it would be for the best if he disappeared again.  Can Jenna keep Artim, her holiday spirit and the present she promised herself around long enough to enjoy?  Holiday Spirits contains
m/f, m/m & m/f/m scenes.   In February 2009 I have a release via called Dirty Little Lie.  The blurb for that is: This Valentine’s Day he’s in for one hell of a good time.  Cheating husband, Bobby Joe, lies to his soon to be ex-wife and himself about his interests but faces the truth when a handsome stranger comes to town.  When he hooks up with the dashing charmer, he receives a Valentine’s Day surprise beyond his imagining.  This book contains m/m scenes.

What is the worst day job you ever had? Why?
I worked at a fast food place.  That was horrible because the smell of all the food and grease permeated clothing and hair.  Plus flipping burgers wasn’t all that much fun.

If you had one thing that you’d take with you during a house fire or other emergency, other than people or pets, what would it be? 
Our computer server’s back-up tapes.  They have everything that I’ve done on my computer saved to them.

Where can we find out more about you and your projects? Do you have a website? Email address? MySpace site? Blog? Message Board? Group? 
My website is:  My myspace is:  I have a facebook fan page:  I’m on at: & you can find me at the following blogs: &

Thanks so much for having me here!

Thank you, C.R. We’re looking forward to your next novel and expect great things in the future.


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