New Moon – Casting Choices

I’m as eager as everyone else to see who the witch twins are portrayed by in the New Moon movie, the second installment in the Twilight series. I saw on several sites, including People Magazine’s, that Dakota Fanning is in the running to be Jane, the devious little vampire from Volterra. I’m a little surprised because I was imagining someone a little younger. Still, Fanning said that she anticipated that playing the part would be a “really fantastic experience”.

According to the L.A. Times and other sources, Annalynne McCord, who is rumored to be the real life girlfriend of Kellan Lutz (a.k.a. Emmett Cullen), is said to have auditioned for the part of Heidi, the Volturi’s seductive aid who gathers humans for their private feasts.

Vanessa Hudgens was also a possibility (or at least the rumor of a possibility) as the werewolf/Native American Leah Clearwater. I hope that they don’t go so young on the character. I really was expecting someone closer to the ages of the younger Cullens.

Hudgens isn’t quite right for other reasons, too.

Not that anyone in casting particularly cares for my opinion, but I’ll be very disappointed if Native American actors and actresses aren’t used here. The characters ARE a particular ethnic group—a tribe to be exact. Any deviation from that will be a failure to properly cast the movie in my opinion. It might not even be worth paying the money to see if they deviate to that extent. What if Edward Cullen were portrayed by a Native American? Wouldn’t that be too distracting? I think so…which is why Robert Pattinson was perfect.  See where I’m going with this?


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