Inspiring Faces – Rob Pattinson

I’m not blind to the faults of others. As a visual artist, I see tiny flaws in faces that others might overlook, which makes me very finicky. As a writer, I see many of these flaws as characteristics. This week’s inspiring face has a very unique look that lies somewhere between disheveled and polished…but both at the same time. His face has a strange symmetry to it that appeals to the portrait artist in me and has nothing to do with his popularity in Twilight or Harry Potter.  Still, I’m sure the Twilight fans will be thrilled to see him featured this week. The picture below is my favorite to date. I love the monochromed color scheme, composition, and  clean lines of his face matched up with the crisp clothing. I plan to do a sketch of this one for my private collection. Enjoy and let me know what you think is appealing about the photo.

Rob Pattinson at piano

Rob Pattinson at piano


2 thoughts on “Inspiring Faces – Rob Pattinson

  1. Ok, this ia a great photo, but we know it’s nor Ron right ?
    It’s photoshopped. Look at the hands, these are not the beautiful hands of our man.
    It’s actually Justin Timberlake.

  2. I was actually under the impression that this is him. But OME, you’re right. it is a photoshopped JT picture. Thanks for pointing that out. No wonder I can’t find a photo shoot for it anywhere. Cool. Good catch.

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