Author Interview – Elle Amery

I’m so proud to post this chat that I had with author Elle Amery . She’s one of my sisters at Ravenous Romance, a very sweet person.  I won’t preempt this with more information than is necessary, so…

Elle, thanks so much for chatting with me. Let’s start simple. The readers want to know more about grace_on_fire_coveryou. So, give us a little more about your life?

Like most of my characters, I live in a small town in northern California, and I love it! I give this example about how small the town truly is: I went to the local grocery store to buy a few things for a family gathering. The clerk took a look at my basket and said, “Don’t need to get steaks – your dad already bought them an hour ago.” Can’t do much around here without EVERYONE knowing about it!

I have a BA and an MA in history, with a focus on Women’s History. For years I worked as a project manager for an environmental consulting firm, writing and editing reports and managing other’s work. The hours got to me and now I freelance edit and write, which I love! Besides being a writer, I’m also an editor and writing coach.

Writing isn’t the only thing I love to do – I live in a gorgeous forest by an even more gorgeous river, so I’m outside hiking and swimming often, and I practice yoga, scrapbook, and ride horses, also.

 It sounds like a beautiful life. I live in a small town, too. Only, I tend to get annoyed by my lack of anonymity.

Next question, what’s your favorite genre to read?

Although I write erotic romance, my favorite genre to read is romantic suspense. I also read a lot of the classics – Hemmingway, John Steinbeck, Jane Austin (fave of all time!), and more.

Jane Austin is great! So, when you’re working on your classic tales and have writer’s block how do you get back in the groove?

I lay down on the couch, put a pillow over my head, and dream about the characters. It’s almost like I’m following them – I realize it’s my mind making the story, but sometimes I can’t access that part of my mind when I’m in front of my computer. I need that daydreamy state to get me there.

That writer’s subspace. I know exactly what you mean. I love that place.  Well, other than daydreaming, what do you do for inspiration while you write?

I watch my bunny and guinea pig play. They are adorable – Beatrix the Bad (bunny) has an attitude. She likes to hop around the house looking for wires to chew. Twilight (the guinea pig) likes to have play dates with Beatrix in her cage. Beatrix takes a nap and Twillight hops over her, squealing and jumping about. If you ever want to see the definition of “frolic” in action, check out my guinea pig on a play date!

*laughing* You’re going to have video that play date and put it on YouTube with us sometime. But now that makes me wonder about something else. While you’re daydreaming and watching animals frolic, do the deadlines help or hinder your muse?

I need deadlines! I’m an absolute mess if I don’t have one. I’m not a carrot-on-a-stick person. Nope, someone’s gotta get out that whip and crack it at me. It amazes me, even, but I do my best and most prolific work when I’m under intense pressure. On my last book I wrote 7k works in one day – SERIOUSLY! Never would have happened if I wasn’t under the gun.

So, if you’re a person who needs whip cracking, we’ve got to know why and when you first decide to submit your work for publication. Did someone or something encourage you?

At the RWA conference in San Francisco, I met with Holly Schmidt, one of the owners of Ravenous Romance. I sent her a partial, she loved it, and the rest was history! I had some hesitancy about working with a new publishing firm, but Ravenous has been great. I’m excited about being part of something that’s growing from the ground up. And I love how they are open to new writers.

Saving SophieI’m feeling the same way about Ravenous. They’ve been great. Truly professional. *smiles* Speaking of Ravenous…Can you give us a sneak peek at any of your upcoming books?

The following is from Tally’s Gift, soon to be published. The set up: Tally Bennett’s visiting her friend Sophie’s arrogant older brother, Brett Huntsman, in the hospital. Brett has two broken wrists, a broken ankle, and an erection that won’t go away (with both hands in casts, there’s not much he can do about his problem!). Currently, he’s begging Tally for sex. Tally’s more than resistant: after all, Brett had teased her mercilessly when she was a kid, and has an ego the size of Texas. However, it has been a long time since she’s had sex. . . a very, very long time.

“When’s the last time you got laid, anyway?” Brett’s question interrupted her thoughts.

“What’s it to you?”

“Humor me. When’s the last time you had a man’s cock stuffed inside you?”

“Gee, such a lovely way of putting it.”

“Fine. Last time you made love. Whatever. How long has it been?”

She bit the inside of her lip. Way too long. So long that she felt like she was starving. So long that she almost couldn’t remember what it felt like. So long that she was actually considering jumping on top of Brett the way he wanted her to.

“A year. It’s been about a year.”

Brett let out a long, low whistle. “Are you serious? Jeez-that’s like, forever.”

“Tell me about it,” she answered, dropping her head into her hands.

“How old are those condoms, anyway?” he asked.

She reached into her pocket and pulled out the cluster of condoms, holding them up to the light. “They haven’t passed their expiration date yet.”

“C’mon, Tally, put a poor guy out of his misery. It’s not like you wouldn’t have any fun doing it, right?”

She raised her head to look at him. All she’d wanted to do tonight was fulfill a promise to Sophie-check in on her brother, make sure he was fine, and say goodnight. Being offered casual sex with an invalid had definitely not been on her agenda. Sex with spoiled, hedonistic Brett had never even been something she’d thought about, and certainly wasn’t anything she’d ever wanted before.

But the man had a point. It had been an entire year since she’d done the dirty deed. And she did so love sex . . .

“Tally. . .” Brett drew her name out slowly, softly. He motioned with his chin toward his jutting cock. “Do us both a favor. Climb aboard.”

God that looked good.


That’s great! I’m betting that Tally can’t resist Brett for long. *laughs* Who could?

Okay, so what do you have planned next?

I am currently seeking short story erotic romance submissions for an anthology I’m editing for Ravenous Romance. It’s called REKINDLED: Finding Lost Love, and the stories are about lovers who’ve lost one another only to come together again. I’m a major romantic sap, so this is right up my line!

If any of your readers are interested in submitting, they can go to my website for submission details. I truly enjoy working with new writers as well as established authors.


I can’t wait to read Rekindled. How many books does that make now?

I have a trilogy with Ravenous Romance – Saving Sophie, Grace on Fire, and Tally’s Gift. The first two are already published, and Tally’s Gift will be out soon. I miss those sexy, spunky girls!


I’ve got them in my To-Be-Read list. We’ve got to chat once I get through them.

All right, now for the fun question…If you had one thing that you’d take with you during a house fire or other emergency, other than people or pets, what would it be?

My scrapbooks. I’m big into scrapbooking! I’m a crafter, not an artist, and scrapbooking allows me to explore my artistic side through craft.


I could see scrapbooking for you. It’s another way of making your own book, through pictures. Very creative!

Where can we find out more about you and your projects? Do you have a website? Email address? MySpace site? Blog? Message Board? Group?

My web site is You can sign the guestbook and sign up for the newsletter – I do promotional giveaways! If you like blogs, you can go to where I blog about my writing process, and once or twice a week I post a grammar tip. The tips are usually on the amusing side – the last one featured my butt!  If you go to  and find my author page, I blog there about my writing process. I’m on MySpace, and you can find me on Facebook. I also Twitter – check out I’m a Twitter addict!

Please feel free to add me as a friend or follow me on Twitter; I love making new connections!

 Thanks so much for chatting with us, Elle. I’ve really enjoyed it and getting to know you through Ravenous.


Don’t forget to check out Elle’s promotions!

Stop by her website and sign the guestbook before Feb 14th to enter.

Elle will do a drawing on Valentine’s Day.

The winner will receive a

Ravenous Romance

Gift Certificate


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