Mob Attacks Robert Pattinson!

Again today, there’s another mob seeking to burn Robert Pattinson at the stake for not meeting some parts of the public’s expectations.

Why do I care? 
I’m not really sure. I’m not that much older than him, and I’ve only stumbled onto his career because of my daughter’s love for Harry Potter and now Twilight. Still, in trying to track the success of the Twilight series, I’ve started watching his career hit these extravagant heights.

Now, in a blog post at, people are questioning whether he’s becoming a Hollywood snob or not. The basis of this suspicion is the fact that he recently opted out of photos with fans at an event and that he didn’t respond to the media at another.

I ask you…
Have you seen the crazy, screaming, drooling teenage mobs following him around lately? All over YouTube you can find videos of him stopping on the streets for snapshots with fans, signing autographs, and chatting. And now, when he decides to opt out once, the pitchforks and torches appear!

It’s ridiculous. I don’t know the actor. So, I can’t say if he’s really a rude person or not. But I have a hunch that he’s tired. Hell, I would be. And if he’s going to do a movie for each of the Twilight books, then he’s in this for another three years. I say, “Good for him! He should be pacing himself.”

Besides, from everything I have seen, he seems to be a somewhat shy guy. He does look uncomfortable at times in photos and on video, keeping his head down. On a different level, the music he sings carries a very soothing, casual, blues-type tone. I know that the art may not necessarily reflect the artist. But if it does, then he’s probably a more reserved person.

Either way
He’s just a guy. One whose career has hit a high point in a very public forum. Before long, someone else will take the spotlight. If he’s smart, he will enjoy this without getting too caught up in all the American craziness. I love our country, but sometimes we lose all sight of the fact that celebrities are just people.

Fame is a mean spirited bitch that will surely backhand him at times. This is just one example, and I don’t envy him that. Here’s to hoping that people treat him (and all celebrities) with the same respect and boundaries that they’d like to have. After all, we don’t exactly have to fight off mobs to go buy a coffee in the morning or take a walk in the park.


8 thoughts on “Mob Attacks Robert Pattinson!

  1. je ne parle pas trés bien l’englais mais vous comprendrai surement …juste pour vous dire que tu es super!!!j’aimerai jouer un role avec toi !! sa serai mon plus beau rêve…Merci

  2. Je ne parle pas français très bien, mais j’ai voulu dire vous remercie du commentaire. J’ai compris ce que vous avez écrit. Retour bientôt ! – Angela

  3. Je suis désolé, mais non. Je ne connais pas Robert Pattinson personnellement. Je souhaite que j’aie fait, mais I haven’ ; t a eu le plaisir de la réunion il. Ainsi, je ne peux pas vous aider. — Angela

  4. Hoo..ok…Merci beaucoup mais j’aurais voulu faire un film avec lui…Car j’ai fait du théatre pendent trés longtemps…hum thank you so muche

  5. Of course he’s tired. L.A. isn’t his scene. he’s not rude, he’s just petrified. Everyone knows his fans scare him. He’s just shy. Cut the kid some slack

  6. Yes. I picked up on the same points as Angela. His body language does point towards being something of an introvert. Being one myself, I know that one needs to have some “off”/”me” time once in a while. So go right ahead Rob! Take all the time you need!! And PS: GIVE HIM A BREAK GUYS!!!! Jeez… ;P

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