Robert Pattinson’s New Haircut!

To the dismay of many, Rob Pattinson, star of the new movie Twilight, cut his famous hair. According to People Style Watch, he’s donning a new crew cut.  I looked at the photos and while his beautiful hair is gone, it’s not like he shaved his head. Still, the poll on the site indicates that a significant number of people “hate it”. 

Honestly, what does it matter to us? I don’t quite understand that. Yes, the fact that he cut the hair is news, only because it’s such a famous style. But can we really give the poor guy a break? It will be long enough for the next movie, New Moon.

What if people were taking polls online about how your new hairstyle was horrid? Let’s give Rob Pattinson credit for having the balls to cut his hair in the face of so many squeeling teens and the backlash that’s sure to come. He’s just as good looking either way.


One thought on “Robert Pattinson’s New Haircut!

  1. i absolutely love robert pattinson… and i loved his beautiful hair too, but its his life and he’ll do with it what he wants. people should stop judging his new hairstyle, and let him make the choices he wants. some of the people are only putting him down, just stop all the nagativity about his new hair and treat him with the best, i bet he deserves it…

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