E-Books Take Off

E-Books Take Off
Angela Cameron

Do you have an e-book reader?

Perhaps you should. According to a New York Times article by Brad Stone and Motoko Rich, these new e-book devices are quickly growing in demand. The Kindle, for example, has seen exponential sales growth since Oprah endorsed it and is now on backorder through February.

Publishers are getting on board with the idea, too. With the increase in sales of e-book readers, e-books have taken off. As the article cites, “At Harlequin Enterprises, the Toronto-based publisher of bodice-ripping romances, Malle Vallik, director for digital content and interactivity, said she expected sales of digital versions of the company’s books someday to match or potentially outstrip sales in print.” And most other publishers are finding the same facts true of their sales. Even authors who have resisted having their works available in digital formats are beginning to convert.

New publishers have launched to meet this demand and gained more momentum than many e-publishers of the past. One of these is Ravenous Romance, who launched on December 1st of this year. Their offerings include erotic romance in both digital and audio formats, with quality new novels and short stories offered on a daily basis. The launch has garnered international media attention and attracted bestselling authors from other genres.

In addition, publishers have seen significant growth, tripling and sometimes quadrupling last year’s sales of e-books. The combination of digital readers taking off and the slow economy seem to have pushed the format toward the forefront. In the future, readers can expect their favorite authors and publishers to be available digitally, if not pushing the format. So, if you don’t have that reader, now might be the time to start looking for one.

View the NYT article Here


4 thoughts on “E-Books Take Off

  1. I know what you mean, my kindle sales rival paper-back. And Kindle makes it so easy. But I think publishers are threatened, they are realizing that they’ve become less of a need. With the unlimited youth these days with seemingly endless knowledge for web design and marketing, publishers will still begin to shrink away, except for the heavy hitters who cater to the few unwilling to put forth the time and effort, and like to go for the ride, which there’s nothing wrong with that.

    The small companies will suffer as more authors stear their focusses from endless query letters to marketing and free-to-load ebooking. And ultimately, if done right, more profitable sales, as they see better percentage of revenue. The publishing companies have also, in my opinion, given up too many of their secrets. I see books everywhere about Self-publishing, written by people who were once successful publishers themselves.

    The shift will happen, but it will be interesting to see how companies adapt. Plus the fact that ebook’s are “Green.” In the future I believe we will see a world of only ebooks, and the heavy price of readers decrease, until it’s like buying a calculator…

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  3. Most of the mainstream authors are available in eBook format (not all for Kindle). The publishers who don’t adopt this new format will be left behind.


  4. I agree, but I’m also a huge fan of collectible books. I have a small library that I love. I don’t see the end of paper books for my generation, but perhaps for my daughter’s.

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